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Top 3 Colon & Stomach Cleansing Supplements | Safe & Effective

Top 3 Colon & Stomach Cleansing Supplements | Safe & Effective

What exactly does it mean to cleanse your body? Is it just some fad or a gimmick for supplement makers to release more products? Perhaps you tried a natural colon cleanse in the past but didn’t really feel a difference. We totally get that there are boatloads of detox products on the market. While some — in fact many — are indeed gimmicks, don’t blow off the idea of body detoxification just yet.


  • How Your Body Becomes Toxified
  • How Your Body Handles Toxins
  • Why You Need a Stomach Cleanse
  • What’s in Your Stomach?
  • Undergoing a Natural Colon Cleanse
  • The Best Colon Cleanse Ingredients
  • What About the Best Colon Cleanse Supplement?
  • Top 3 Supplements To Cleanse Your Colon In 15 Days
  • How Your Body Becomes Toxified

    Cleansing refers to the process of flushing accumulated toxins out of your body. Over the years, your body accrues all sorts of impurities. Yes, a poor diet is a large part of it, but other factors are also at play. Other ways your body accumulates toxins include:

    • Alcohol intake
    • Cigarette smoking
    • Breathing in poor air
    • Exposure through skin, such as swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool

    How Your Body Handles Toxins

    A stomach cleanse occurs naturally in the body. Your gut is resilient and has the self-sustaining ability to produce enzymes that break down the toxins. Much of that bad stuff is then shuttled to the kidney, liver or colon where the organ handles the elimination process.

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    • The liver allows the entry of nutrients while blocking toxins. The toxins are transferred into the stomach bile where they’re eliminated through the intestines.
    • The kidneys filter toxins from the bloodstream and eliminates them through urine.
    • The colon eliminates toxins through bowel movements.
    • The lungs are body’s air purifiers and filter out harmful air particulates and vapors. The lungs have hair-like filaments called cilia that catch pollutants (much like the hair in your nostrils).

    Why You Need a Stomach Cleanse

    You may wonder, then, why a gut cleanse is necessary at all when our internal system is already adept at handling this task. Here’s the thing: your stomach starts off like a well-maintained car. Everything initially operates in smooth order. However, as the you rack up the miles, the oil begins to dirty and slowly becomes sludge. The filter also begins clogging up. The end results? Poorer mileage and increased emissions.

    A similar analogy can be made of your gut and digestive tract. By eating nutrient-dense foods and following a natural colon cleanse protocol, you are essentially changing your body’s oil and filter.

    What’s in Your Stomach?

    This isn’t meant as a scare tactic, but your body is teeming with impurities that really shouldn’t be in there. We have already mentioned the word toxins several times. It’s somewhat of a catch-all word to refer to any and all impurities. What exactly do these toxins consist of?

    Undigested food residue

    Poor digestion results in partially digested food. Some of it remains in your body where it creates blockages and impairs circulation. Undigested food can also ferment and become acidic, creating an environment for bad bacteria to thrive.

    Environmental pollutants

    Environmental pollutants include pollution from car emissions and factories, second-hand smoke, bleach and ammonia from household cleaners, etc.


    The water we consume has pollutants, even if the H2O is from a bottled source. This includes fluoride and scores of mineral deposits. One study even found traces of pharmaceutical drugs, such as the antianxiety medication meprobamate and the anticonvulsant drug carbamazepine.

    Hygiene products

    The skin is porous and absorbs anything applied topically. Hygiene items like lotions and skin creams contain all sorts of synthetics. Even shampoo contains unnatural chemicals like parabens, triclosan and formaldehyde.

    Undergoing a Natural Colon Cleanse

    There is a lot of junk and crap in your body. Even if you’re a major health buff who only shops at health food stores, there is simply no way for your body to 100-percent avoid external pollutants.

    This is why it’s a major health benefit to periodically perform a gut cleanse. How do you go about this? We’ll go more into detail in other posts where we list the best types of foods, teas and herbal supplements. We’ll also discuss other factors like cycle duration and frequency.

    START TODAY: Homemade DIY Colon Cleanse: Make Your Own Detox & Home Remedy for Pennies on the Dollar

    For now, just know that it doesn’t require any drastic lifestyle overhauls. You don’t have to become a raw foodie or anything like that. We actually recommend a combination of fresh fruits, herbs and intermittent fasting.

    Speaking of fasting, not eating at all for an extended period is itself a form of a gut cleanse. This frees up your body from having to handle the cumbersome task of breaking down food. Your body can then allocate its resources to waste removal.

    There is no single recipe that constitutes the best colon cleanse drink. Homemade cleansers meet our criteria as long as they contain the following:

    • All-natural and non-GMO ingredients
    • Ingredients scientifically proven to assist the colon or digestive system
    • No artificial ingredients, such as high-fructose corn syrup or food dye

    We want to touch on the second point a little bit. What are some examples of ingredients with strong scientific evidence? We wanted to list off a few items, so you don’t have to waste hours doing your own research.

    The Best Colon Cleanse Ingredients

    The best natural colon cleanse recipe is by no means limited to these ingredients. Feel free to give the drink an extra nutritional kick by adding other natural superfoods. You may also notice that most of the listed ingredients are proven constipation relievers. Having more bowel movements is one of the ways the body removes toxins. The poop that comes out your rectum contains more than just last night’s lunch and dinner. It also contains toxins in the form of metals, aflatoxins and other harmful endocrine disruptors.

    Cascara Sagrada

    This is a plant species long known for its ability to relieve constipation. In essence, it’s nature’s laxative. The plant contains a compound known as anthraquinone, which studies show is effective against chronic constipation.

    Bentonite Clay

    Yes, clay is edible, and it’s effective as a liver detox. Studies show it’s particularly effective at eliminating harmful and cancer-inducing aflatoxins.

    Aloe Ferox

    This is very similar to aloe vera and belongs to the same plant genus. A study revealed that aloe ferox relieves constipation in rats.

    Slippery elm

    This is a form of sap found past the bark of the slippery elm tree. Studies show that elm relieves irritable bowel syndrome and induces more bowel movements.

    What About the Best Colon Cleanse Supplement?

    If using a colon cleanse in tablet form, then the same rule applies. Of course, you don’t exactly have control over what manufacturers put in their supplements. You exercise control by being a selective consumer.

    If you read some of our past posts, then you know we abide by the golden rule of natural only when it comes to supplementation. Supplements are especially notorious for containing fillers, which is really just an excuse to use less of the more expensive active ingredients. On the bottle, the ingredients list should be minimal, with just a handful of active ingredients like the ones we listed and no inactive substances (or one or two at the most).

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    It’s actually ironic for a colon cleanse supplement to contain unnatural additives. The product is designed to clean and flush your colon. Yet, it potentially contains traces of harmful residues that require your body to need a cleanse in the first place.

    This isn’t just conjecture or conspiracy theory on our end. Studies actually found the majority of lower-grade supplements to contain toxins, such as led, arsenic and inorganic minerals. Several detox supplements were even found to contain aluminum!

    Top 3 Supplements To Cleanse Your Colon In 15 Days

    1. Digestive Refresh

    Digestive Refresh meets all the parameters of a best natural colon cleanse product. Every ingredient is proven under independent research, and there is zero in way of inactive ingredients.

    If you feel weighed down, both in body and mind, then we reckon that your body is teeming with years of accumulated toxins and the five to twenty pounds of excess poop backed up in your intestines. Whether you take Digestive Refresh or make your own natural drink recipe, you owe it to yourself to clean out your system.

    Learn more about Digestive Refresh.

    2. Floracil50 Probiotic Formula

    The unique probiotic strains in the Floracil50 formula help to not only cleanse your intestines, but also boost energy, mood and improve overall digestion in general. Out of all the health issues someone could experience in their daily life, one stands head-and-shoulders above the rest as the single most embarrassing, confusing and annoying of them all… Gut problems.

    If you’re experiencing issues with low energy, poor digestion, slow metabolism, high stress or even more severe issues like diarrhea, UC or IBS, then you’re in the right place! Floracil50 can help you.

    Learn more about Floracil50 here.

    3. ACV + Prebiotics

    One of the keys to having a healthy colon and regular poops is to feed your probiotic bacteria in the microbiome with the proper prebiotics.

    ACV + Prebiotics Formula feeds your healthy bacteria with essential prebiotic fibers and apple cider vinegar to help your good bacteria thrive in your gut while getting rid of bad bacteria safely and naturally. With ACVPre, you get all the well-known health benefits of apple cider vinegar without having to choke down bad smelling and strong tasting liquid vinegar.†

    Learn more about ACV + Prebiotics

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