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How Redwood’s Ingredients Are Proven to Improve Blood Flow and Circulatory Health

By Christopher Walker

Millions of Americans suffer from high blood pressure or other circulatory problems. Have you looked at any of the circulatory supplements currently available on the market? Trying to find the right one can be hard, this is why we've put this article together for you...


  • Redwood Supplement Ingredients
  • Redwood Supplement Ingredient Doses
  • Redwood Supplement Ingredient List
  • Redwood Supplement Ingredient Benefits
  • Who Benefits the Most from Redwood Supplement?
  • Where to Buy Redwood Supplement
  • When designing Redwood, we set out to create a supplement that can improve your overall circulatory health without causing any side effects. We settled on a formula that only includes ingredients with human research to back them.

    Too many blood pressure or nitric oxide supplements rely on ingredients with limited research to support them. We’re here to prove to you that we’ve done our homework. In fact, we’re so confident in Redwood that we’re willing to offer it to you completely risk-free for the first 60 days.

    Want to find out which five ingredients in Redwood we found most effective? Keep reading to find out!

    Redwood Supplement Ingredients

    All five ingredients in Redwood can aid your circulatory health by improving your body’s natural nitric oxide production—which is why we refer to Redwood as a nitric oxide booster.

    Never heard of nitric oxide? Then you might want to familiarize yourself with this powerful chemical that can have huge benefits for your overall health.

    Boost nitric oxide levels with Redwood

    Nitric oxide is what’s known as a vasodilator. This chemical is produced by the lining of your blood vessels. When it reaches your bloodstream, it signals for your blood vessels to relax and widen.

    Increasing your nitric oxide levels can benefit almost every aspect of your circulatory health from your blood pressure, symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and symptoms of varicose veins.

    Redwood Supplement Ingredient Doses

    As we’ve already mentioned, each of our ingredients has human-research to back it. We’ve also made sure that we’ve included each ingredient in the exact dose research shows to be effective.

    Here’s what each daily dose (six capsules) of Redwood provides you with.

    Redwood Supplement’s ingredients

    Redwood Supplement Ingredient List

    You may be able to get many of the ingredients we’ve included in Redwood through food. However, taking a supplement helps you get the exact correct doses.

    It’s also much easier to take a few capsules a day than it is to eat the 30 oranges it would take to get the same amount of vitamin C (and how often do you cook with pine bark?).

    Here’s how each of these ingredients can improve blood flow in your body. If you want to look at the research for any of these ingredients yourself, we’ve curated it here.

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    Vitamin C

    You might already be taking vitamin C as part at your regular supplement routine. But are you taking enough?

    Research shows that you can get the most nitric oxide boosting benefits from vitamin C when you take 2000mg per day. Research also shows that when it’s taken together with garlic extract, it can increase nitric oxide production by up to 200%.


    There are two amino acids that play a role in nitric oxide production: L-arginine and L-Citrulline. Garlic contains a key compound known as quercetin that helps boost L-arginine, which is a precursor to nitric oxide. Quercetin also activates an enzyme in your body that allows your body to turn L-arginine into nitric oxide.

    Research shows that taking 600-1200mg split throughout the day is the most effective dose. Some research suggests that garlic might be even more effective at controlling blood pressure than many medications!

    Horse Chestnut Extract

    Horse chestnut extract improves your overall circulatory health when taken in doses of about 400-600mg per day. The active ingredient in horse chestnut extract is called aescin. You should aim to get 100-150mg of this compound to maximize its benefits such as reducing varicose veins and improving blood flow.

    Pine Bark Extract

    Pine Bark extract has been show to increase nitric oxide in the body. It also has cardioprotective effects that can lower your risk of developing heart disease. Research shows that you should take 100-200mg per day to maximize its benefits.


    VasoDrive-AP is the trademarked name of a group of proteins extracted from casein protein. It’s thought that VasoDrive-AP inhibits the production of hormones that constrict your blood vessels and allows you to maximize your natural nitric oxide production.

    Redwood Supplement Ingredient Benefits

    The biggest benefit of taking a supplement like Redwood is that you can increase blood flow and blood pressure naturally without the negative side-effects that many blood pressure medications cause.

    Here’s are a few other benefits you can expect from taking Redwood:

    • Improved Blood Pressure
    • Improved exercise performance and endurance
    • Improvement with erectile dysfunction
    • Improvement with varicose veins
    • Increased nutrient delivery
    • Improved heart health and lower risk of heart disease

    Who Benefits the Most from Redwood Supplement?

    We feel confident that anybody can benefit from taking a nitric oxide boosting supplement like Redwood. However, there are certain groups of people who may particularly benefit from taking it.

    High blood pressure is called the silent killer because it increases your risk of developing serious issues with your heart and is often found in people who seem otherwise healthy. It’s thought that more than 75 million Americans are walking around with high blood pressure.

    If somebody in your family has high blood pressure, you’re at an increased risk of developing it yourself.

    As you age, your blood vessels naturally become less elastic so your risk of developing circulatory problems increases. If you’re over 50, you might benefit from Redwood even if you haven’t developed symptoms of circulatory issues yet.

    Even if you’re younger than 50, you can benefit from taking Redwood. Redwood improves exercise endurance and your muscle pump while working out by allowing your heart to pump blood more efficiently. As an added bonus, you’ll also decrease your chances of developing heart issues later in life.

    Where to Buy Redwood Supplement

    You can currently buy Redwood from the UMZU website or from our Amazon page. If you want to get the absolutely lowest price, select out Subscribe and Save option to reduce the price by 15%.

    As we said earlier, we’re so confident that you can benefit from it that we’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 60 days. If you’re not happy with your order for whatever reason, we’ll refund you with no questions asked.

    Are you ready to maximize your circulatory health?

    We’ve included each research-backed Redwood Supplement ingredient in the perfect dose to optimize your circulatory health. Order Redwood today to naturally support your body’s blood flow!

    Optimize your circulatory health today by trying Redwood with our money-back guarantee.