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5 Best Supplements To Reduce Cortisol: Lower Stress Levels Naturally

Muscle loss and fat gain... brain fog and low sex drive... fatigue and depression... these are just some of the...

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The Benefits Of Citicoline

In this article, we are going to be going over what citicoline is, the benefits of citicoline, how to use...

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How Journaling Can Change Your Life

In the world of self improvement journaling is a biggy. It’s a great tool for assessing your successes and documenting...

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Meditation | How To Maximize Your Health With This Daily Practice

I have been meditating pretty regularly for the past 12 years. I usually wake up and do my meditation practice...

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Try This Morning Routine To Help Ease Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and depression have become more common than ever. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 18 percent...

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Neuroplasticity - What It Is And Why It Is Important

Would you believe me if I told you that you can actually change the way your brain works? You can...

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What Is The Vagus Nerve And How To Use It To Fight Stress

The vagus nerve is among the most complex systems of nerves in the body, running from the brain all the...

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Tapping For Health: The Benefits Of Tapping

Table Of Contents: A Brief History Of Tapping The Benefits Of Tapping How To Tap Who Can Tap A Brief...

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Psychosomaticism: The Mind and Body Connection

As human beings, we understand the innate connection of the mind and body. The two are intimately intertwined. This brings...

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The 20 Best Brain Supplements To Elevate Your Brain Function

In life, it is not what happens to us, but rather, how our brain interprets it. When our brain is...

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Everything You Need to Know About Mucuna

It has been called the “dopamine bean” because mucuna is a beneficial legume filled with superfood magic. Ok, maybe not,...

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13 Ways To Skyrocket Energy Levels

So many of us struggle to get out of bed in the morning. We lay there, pressing snooze on our...

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The Ultimate Guide To UMZU's Miracle Morning | The Best Energy Boosting Supplement

A natural blend of strategically dosed vitamins and xanthines, Miracle Morning can help boost brain function, improve performance, and increase...

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How to Improve Brain Function | Enhance Your Nervous System Naturally

The brain and the nervous system are obviously very critical components to your health, as the brain controls and connects...

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Mental Health And Food: Improve Your Mental Health with Food

One in every five adults in the U.S. — over 43 million Americans — experience a mental illness every single...

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