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Does Your Multivitamin Suck?

In 2021, the multivitamin supplement industry is assessed to be worth 34.9 billion dollars in the US alone. 70% of...

| hormonal support

The UMZU Supplement Quiz: A Step By Step Guide

The UMZU Supplement Quiz was designed to help UMZU customers find the exact supplements that are right for them. With...

| hormonal support

The Ultimate Guide To Thyrite: Thyroid Support Supplement

The thyroid is known as the key regulator of the metabolism. When your thyroid is not functioning correctly, it can...

| hormonal support

What Stress Does To The Body: The Negative Effects Of High Stress Hormones

Cortisol (the main stress hormone in the body) has become a hot topic as of late. Everybody is stressed, whether...

| hormonal support

The Importance Of Micronutrients

Modern medical school education does not focus on the human body’s absolute need for vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to...

| hormonal support

Step By Step Guide For Skyrocketing Your Metabolism

At this point, you have seen the in-depth articles for how a metabolically stimulating diet should look, and seen how...

Food & diet
| Food & Diet

What Is Vegetarianism: How To Do Vegetarianism Right

First off, it is important to identify what it means to have “Optimal Health.” In the perspective of Thermo, the...

| fitness

Sneak A Peek At The Thermo Diet Book By Christopher Walker

I want to give you a sneak peek of some of my new book "Thermo Diet: How To Eat" for...

| hormonal support

Think Again: Hormones Explained

Your body is only healthy when your hormones are balanced. Hormones are the key to not just restoring your health...

| castor oil

Castor Oil Pack- A Step By Step Guide

Castor oil packs are a great way to detox your body and especially your liver gently and inexpensively. Our livers...

| hormonal support

10 Tips To Eliminate Stress Hormones Naturally

We humans are made up of hormones, many of which were meant to protect us back in the caveman era....

| amino acids

Rebalancing Amino Acids

The importance of protein has finally started to be recognized by the majority of health and fitness professionals. Of course,...

Food & diet
| Food & Diet

3 Foods To Never Eat Again

If you are concerned about consuming excess phytoestrogens, goitrogens (ie. compounds that disrupt your thyroid function), and mineral chelators that...

| hormonal support

13 Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

Ashwa—what? It is a funny name for a fabulous herb. Ashwagandha is a show stopper in the herbal supplement world and...

| hormonal support

How To Get Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Out Of The Body

Out of everything that is hurting your health and metabolism, polyunsaturated fatty acids, or “PUFAs”, probably rank as number 1....

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