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What Is Bone Broth Protein? Unveiling the Mysticism Behind Broth

By Christopher Walker

We are fervent advocates of bone broth protein. Why is this protein so good for the body and mind? If it’s just protein, then can’t you consume meat or chug down some whey instead? We’ll explain everything there is to know about broth from a health standpoint and the benefits of supplementing with bone broth powder. Regardless of how you get the protein, this is a macronutrient your body can only benefit from having in sufficient quantity.


Bone Broth Protein 101:

Bone Broth 101


Broth, if you don’t already know, is soup made from simmered bones. You likely consumed it before at some point or another but just didn’t know it. If you consumed soup with meat that had the bones still attached, then you just had broth.

While broth typically contains supplementary ingredients in the form of meat, veggies and seafood, all the good stuff comes from the bones. Bone broth protein comes in the form of collagen.

We can write a four- or five-part post on collagen alone. For the laymen, just know that the physical human body is made up mostly of collagen. In fact, it’s the most abundant component next to water. Your bones, muscles, tendons, skin, hair, fingernails and intestinal lining are all partly composed of collagen fibers.

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See our past post on the health benefits of collagen to learn how the protein contributes to skin, digestive and sleep health. If you would like to learn more about collagen from a molecular level and how it’s produced in the body, see our post on where collagen comes from.

Bone Broth Protein Is Rich in Gelatin:


Beyond collagen, broth is also rich in gelatin. This is another protein type and a derivative of collagen. Yes, gelatin is what gives Jell-O its firm and jiggly texture. More importantly, our body requires it for everyday health. Our cartilage and connective muscle tissue require it for joint function. Furthermore, studies show that gelatin strengthens the intestinal lining and fights off digestive diseases like leaky gut syndrome.

Gelatin is also food for the brain. Research shows that gelatin aids in the production of the neurotransmitter GABA. All you need to know about GABA is that it’s colloquially known as the “happy hormone.” That moniker explains it all.

In case you’re wondering whether you can get gelatin from eating Jell-O, yes, you can. However, with that Jell-O cup comes excess high-fructose corn syrup, artificial food coloring and other preservatives.

What About Powdered Bone Broth?:

You may also have seen bone broth protein powder, which comes as a drink mix much like whey powder. Is this as good as actual broth? This is kind of a tricky question to answer since supplements vary across the board when it comes to quality. Unfortunately, the majority of supplements fall in the not-so-good end of the spectrum. Powdered bone broth products are no exception.

What Makes A High-Quality Bone Broth Powder?:

What Makes A High Quality Bone Broth Powder

With so many supplement products out there being total crap, how can consumers distinguish the good from the bad? There aren’t any set-in-stone rules when evaluating bone broth protein powder. However, we have to start somewhere, so we came up with these parameters. To be high-quality, the bone broth should:

  • Use hydrolyzed collagen. Read our past post to learn why hydrolyzation is important when it comes to protein supplements.
  • Contain gelatin, preferably from an organic and grass-fed source.
  • Contain minerals and electrolytes. These are also found in broth and help assist in nerve, bone and heart health.
  • Does not contain excess fillers. As a general rule, the fewer the ingredients the better. When the ingredient list encompasses half the label space, most of that extra stuff is inactive ingredients.

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Bone Broth Powder Versus Real Broth: 

Bone Broth Powdered

Assuming powdered bone broth meets the above criteria, does that make the supplement just as effective as real bone broth protein?

If it satisfies everything we just listed, then yes, we believe it does. The powder, after all, is derived from actual bone broth and not made synthetically. On top of that, there’s the additional benefit of convenience. Isn’t convenience why most people take supplements in the first place?

This is especially true when it comes to bone broth protein powder. Preparing regular broth is a time-intensive process. The simmering process alone takes about three to four hours.

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Don’t get us wrong; we certainly advocate consumption of actual broth soup if you can squeeze the preparation into your schedule. However, since this isn’t always feasible for full-time-working people, powdered bone broth provides convenience at our fingertips.

zuBroth a Convenient Solution:



On the topic of high-quality supplements and convenience, we can’t help but bring up zuBroth. This product contains natural bone broth protein in its most bioavailable state. If you have the time and patience to prepare regular broth from scratch, then more power to you. However, we know this simply isn’t realistic for a lot of people, which is why we made zuBroth. Click here to try out zuBroth risk-free today!