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The Women's Essentials Bundle: Redwood, Floracil50 & Sensolin

$ 134.85

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The Women's Essentials Bundle is all about helping you increase your energy, control your blood sugar, lower your appetite, improve your gut health, and boost natural blood flow. 

Warm hands and feet, more energy, great digestion, less bloating, easier weight loss, no more blood sugar swings, and a higher libido can all be yours when you use the Women's Essentials Bundle daily. 

This bundle contains: 

  • Sensolin: control your appetite and blood sugar by taking 1 capsule with every meal
  • Floracil50: restore your healthy gut, get rid of bloating, and improve your digestion by taking this probiotic daily
  • Redwood: restore healthy blood flow to all parts of your body to increase your energy, get rid of cold hands and feet, feel better moods all day long