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Miracle Morning

Boost Energy, Mood, & Cognitive Performance
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"This stuff really works. 1 capsule with 1 cup of black coffee in the morning gives me a definite increase in energy, mental acuity, and focus. Cognitive function is improved and the increase in energy even helps with my workouts. I will be purchasing this again."
- Ron  Verified Buyer

Miracle Morning is all about getting up and going with the cleanest sources of energy available. Feel better all day long, get more done, be more productive and improve mood using natural ingredients.



Start Every Day With a Miracle.



Within minutes, enjoy an improvement in mood and well-being.†



Feel a rush of energy to give you the drive you need to take on the day.†



Increase productivity and focus. Feel better and get more accomplished.†


Natural Cognitive-Boosting Ingredients

Miracle Morning is an energy source that pairs caffeine with other zero-tolerance energy enhancers. Feel the same rush of energy every day, all day, day-after-day.† Have you ever thrown a "no-hitter"? We're not talking baseball - we're talking that one day where you felt on top of the world. The day you nailed that presentation, aced that test and remembered your anniversary. There's nothing quite like that kick in your step - that lift in your spirits. By taking just one capsule of Miracle Morning each day, you support a sustained all-day energy, better focus and improved productivity so that you can feel like a million bucks every day - for less than a couple of bucks a day.† See all ingredients

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This powerful naturally-energizing compound will start your day off with a huge increase in focus and energy that lasts for a 6 steady hours. 

When combined with caffeine, it's shown to support mental and physical performance with less of the crash or jitters typically associated with consuming caffeine alone.

Learn more
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how to use
One Capsule per Day

In the morning with water

Want Even More Energy?

Theacrine enhances the effects of caffeine - try drinking a cup of coffee with your Miracle Morning.

Bundle for a Cognitive Boost

Enhance your workday by pairing Miracle Morning with Mucuna Pruriens and Cortigon

frequently asked questions

What does Miracle Morning do?

Miracle Morning is a natural energy enhancement supplement. It is designed with key ingredients that are able to boost energy levels and help bring mental clarity and focus.

How do I take Miracle Morning?

Simply take 1 capsule in the morning with a meal.

Is Miracle Morning vegan?

The capsule is made from bovine gelatin, so the product overall is not vegan. However, the contents are vegan-friendly.

Is Miracle Morning dairy-free?

Yes, Miracle Morning is dairy free, however, it is processed in the same facility as some dairy-containing products.

Can I take Miracle Morning with medication?

We always recommend talking to your prescribing physician before using any supplements to ensure that they are safe to take with your medical history.

Can I take Miracle Morning on an empty stomach?

We recommend taking Miracle Morning with food and water, but we do have plenty of customers who take the supplement on an empty stomach with no issues.

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Rafael V.
United States United States

I feel very productive

It is good even one pill I don’t really need to take a whole lot just that one pill does powerful things for my cognitive performance

Ársæll H.
Iceland Iceland

I can finally finish 10 hours at work without dropping dead on the sofa

Ffinally I can be more active at work, do more organizing and come home from work and still have enough energy to tackle tidying up and walk my dogs. I suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoarthritis, ADD and OCD (among long list of other things). This product has made it possible for me to go to work as a caretaker for mentally disabled people, handle the pressure at work for up to 10 hours, be active and more focused. My co-workers have noticed a change in my energy and contribution at work.

Gregg D.
United States United States

18 plus hours of energy is too much for me

I received a free sample of this with one of my orders. Awesome! I was looking to increase my energy at the time. I am usually up around 6 am most mornings. One morning after receiving this I was a little sluggish so I popped one with my breakfast smoothie, about 6:30 am. Within a half hour I was wide awake! In about two to fours I was focused and alert. I had all the energy and focus I needed all day. 9pm rolls around, I’m still going. Midnight hits and I’m wide awake. About 2 am I crash. Every time I have taken miracle morning I get the same result and I crash early the next morning. My Wife tried it with similar results. This provides great, awesome, fantastic results! I just need a half dose though.

Cal C.
United States United States

FLOW state

This supplement keeps me in the peaceful and productive flow state all day. Smooth energy and mood enhancement. Definitely worth it.

Michael O.
United States United States

Morning Miracle

I’ve used 5 hour energy shots for years, and have experienced the negative affects from it. Stomach pain, anxiety, high tolerance. It was hard to detox from them but I wanted to try something natural. Coffee by itself is ineffective after the tolerance I’ve built. However, if you take MM as directed then you’ll feel it. It’s not an immediate burst of energy but if you take it and forget it then you’ll feel it when you aren’t expecting it. I like it, it lasts pretty long and isn’t extreme like 5 hour shots. It’s almost like a mental energy that gives you a little more push to do whatever you need to do. I would recommend for someone trying to get away from the other stuff and try something natural. Around $45 for a month worth give or take, is fair considering 2 energy shots a day is $5 ($150/mo). It’s worth a try.

Corinne M.
United States United States

Miracle Morning

Great! This product does exactly what it says! I noticed an improvement in my energy, mood and focus within the first week of taking the product. I am a cancer survivor, having gone through chemo and a stem cell transplant last year and was having trouble with leftover 'chemo brain fog'. My doctor recommended UMZU supplements and I have seen a big improvement - THANK YOU UMZU!

United States United States

Definitely works; Be Careful if sensitive to stimulants

This pill definitely works but it gave me anxiety attacks. I noticed after the fact that it has some similar ingredients with pre-workout drinks and those gave me anxiety attacks as well. I would approach with caution if you are sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants.

Ryan L.
United States United States

Miracle Morning

Not sure if what I am experiencing is due to the ingredients inside Miracle Morning or if it's a placebo effect of me thinking it is going to work. Whether or not it is my mindset or the active ingredients, I feel focused.

Clifford B.
United States United States

100% WORKS

It’s amazing how fast this actually worked for me, I feel a night & day difference in energy you can take this with coffee, which increases my focus, I would use an organic decaf free coffee for optimal results.



Man This product is the best! No question! I recommend this to anyone who wants to be highly focused on their work. Feels great. Nice calm focused energy. Can make you read a whole book for the whole day if you want to. Definitely recommend this product, it's a must buy!

Manuel R.
United States United States

No other like it !!!

I've never felt better and the energy and the focus throughout the day if indescribable. I don't feel tired I feel like I get a lot done throughout the day and on top of that I sleep very well I recommend it to everybody don't even think about it, just do it...

UMZU Miracle Morning: Boost Energy, Mood, & Cognitive Performance Review
David R.
United States United States

MIRACLE MORNING has Transformed My Mornings AND My Life!!!

UMZU’s Miracle Morning has TRULY turned my blah mornings to YEAH MORNINGS! I NEVER realized a supplement could provide such an IMMEDIATE & TRANSFORMATIVE IMPACT to the start of my day! I used to HATE getting up in the morning…NOW I CAN’T WAIT to start my day! BIG THANKS! - to UMZU! :-)))

Tom F.
United States United States

This product works very well for me, it's just too expensive.

Very much enjoyed the product it's just out of reach for my budget

Jeremy C.
United States United States

Couple months of use and happy

Good mood, steady energy and very efficient at work.

Jeff M.
United States United States


This stuff really does work. One pill a cup of coffee I’m ready to hit the ground running.

Guillermo A.
United States United States

Coffe & Good Morning!

I am not a morning person! but, I have noticed my energy level and awareness has gotten better each and every day! Coffee is a part my mornings and GM works! Give it try everybody....you will feel awesome!

United States United States

It works

I'm always sceptical when trying a new product, however, this stuff really works. I capsule with 1 cup of black coffee in the morning gives me a definite increase in energy, mental acuity, and focus. Cognitive function is improved and the increase in energy even helps with my workouts. I will be purchasing this again.

Joshua P.
United States United States

Great start to my day!

Miracle morning really help me focus and get things done! One pill with my coffee and im good to go all day. Love it!

Larry D.
United States United States

My start up

Miracle Morning has been a grand asset to my morning routine in helping me prepare for a day of focusing details at work. I combine this in the AM with Cortigon and Mucuna. What big difference this has made.

Jerome R.
United States United States


I am please so far

Umzu Owl

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