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Betaine HCl

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"Amazing. I've gotten so lean and no longer have an estrogen rich system"
- Tyler C.  Verified Buyer

Betaine by itself is a supplement that does it all, with research showing marked benefits in estrogen methylation, muscle growth, cognition, cardiovascular health, and liver health. 

Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) is normally produced in the stomach, where it assists protein digestion by activating pepsin, helps to maintain a healthy balance of gut flora, and stimulates the release of intestinal enzymes.†

Together, Betaine Hydrochloride carries both the benefits of Betaine and Hydrochloric Acid, making this supplement one of the most diverse and essential items on the UMZU store.


The Jack of All Trades.



Betaine supports circulation, which can also lead to improved heart health.



HCl increases the acidity of your stomach, leading to improved digestion.



Better digestion, blood flow and muscle growth help to support weight loss.


3 Amazing Benefits of Betaine HCl

Betaine's main and most highly studied functions are for digestive support and estrogen methylation - making sure that men and women alike operate with a healthy testosterone:estrogen ratio.† See all ingredients

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Cardiovascular Health

Studies show that the ability of betaine to maintain a healthy heart.

One study claims that individuals who consumed either betaine supplements or consumed additional betaine reaped the benefits of supported heart health.

Learn more
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how to use
2 Capsules per Serving

Take 2 capsules before your two highest protein meals of the day.

Supplement Before Eating

Take 20-30 minutes prior to eating to assist in digestion.

Bundle with Redwood

When paired with another circulation-enhancing supplement like Redwood, Betaine may help enhance the effects

frequently asked questions

What does Betaine HCl do?

Betaine HCl is a strategically formulated supplement designed to increase stomach acid and help improve digestion and help to methylate estrogen.

How do I take Betaine HCl?

Simply take 2 capsules with a meal on a daily basis. The timing of the product does not matter as long as it is taken with food.

Is Betaine HCl vegan?

Other than the bovine gelatin capsule, Betaine HCl is vegan friendly.

Is Betaine HCl dairy-free?

Yes, Betaine HCl is dairy free, however, it is processed in the same facility as some dairy-containing products.

Can I take Betaine HCl with medication?

We always recommend talking to your prescribing physician before using any supplements to ensure that they are safe to take with your medical history.

Can I take Betaine HCl on an empty stomach?

We do not recommend taking this product on an empty stomach as it may cause intestinal upset. Taking it with food is always best.

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Jason H.
United States United States


I absolutely love your products I only have the Redwood and Testro-x I already see massive results when I work out for energy and the muscle growth is amazing! I also have the Betaine and it helps me so much I'm undecided if I should do the zupoo but I want all of your products I believe in the method of natural resources and thanks for such an products that help advanced the way of everyday living!! I'm saving my coins to further invest in all UMZU products..my word stands with UMZU being the best I ever used before!

UMZU Betaine HCl: Digestive Support | UMZU Review
Mitchell N.
United States

Worth it

I've bought these because I could possibly have a digestion problem. I have been to a lot of doctors due to the pain in my upper abdomen and was hoping that these would solve it. I had noticed that I had less bloating from eating and I could feel myself getting more of the nutrition from the food as well. I'm an extremely healthy eater, so finding something extra to use to help me is so worth it. The other thing is the price point! It is a great price for what you get, and how many you get! I tried 1 pill, then up to 3 or 4 before a meal, and you do feel a difference, in my opinion. If you are skeptical that these things cannot help, just try them. I fully enjoyed using them and will continue in the future! Thanks UMZU!

Alexis N.
United States United States

Betaine Review

UMZU Family, I love this product. I had been having trouble with my gut and noticed that I should be on a healthy regimen. Taking this helped my metabolism, food breakdown and even lose the stubborn belly fat that just wouldn't go away. Now, I take the Betaine, Floracil50 and the Thyrite, since my thyroid was removed, to maintain energy & a healthy balance. And, I am not feeling the 2pm nap crash anymore. Hooray!

Leon G.
United States United States

Heartburn eliminator

This has really helped in calming down my heartburn. I don’t want to go back to Drugs.

Janna L.
United States United States

Life. Changing!

AMAZING does not even begin to subscribe how much I love your products! I’ve always struggled with hormonal imbalances-my mom was on birth control for the first 3 months of pregnancy with me. My cycles have been on average 22 days for a week+ at a time. Plus there’s a lot of breast cancer in my family so things that can add to my estrogen were really just not options for me. My cycles have been on average 22 days for a week+ at a time since age 13, I’m now 39. Within 2 weeks I knew the extra estrogen was flushing out, my cycle and overall period has improved. My mood is better and my tummy fat has shifted a bit to my boobs. Yep. God himself put this AMAZING product in my face. I feel so much better, can’t wait to get my other Umzu products!!! Absolutely LOVE UMZU!!!!! Thank you guys so much!!!!

A UMZU Customer

Im back regular again

This product has really helped,i was stopped up for awhile with digestive issues,i was really worried about my health cause i wasnt going to the bathroom but every few days.Since i started taking this supplement it has worked,now im going alot,like 2-3 times a day depending on how often i eat lol. Thanks alot for this miracle,you saved me a trip to the doctors office.

Dee D.
United States United States

Great Products!

I started my journey with Betaine and Zupoo on June 21st and it is now June 28th and I have lost 6 pounds and my stomach feels so much better, no more gurgling and gas. Even the bloating on my stomach has gone down. So happy that I have found these products and will add more to my regiments.

Vinny P.
United States United States

Not For Me

Customer service, shipping times, product marketing, etc. was excellent. I just discontinued my use because I wasn't noticing a difference like I was with the other supplements. I was taking it in conjunction with Redwood, Sensolin, and Thyrite. Overall great company, but still figuring out what supplement combinations work for me!

Gabriel M.
United States United States



A UMZU Customer
Francisco M.
United States United States


I don’t have bloating anymore after eating large meals, I purchase this product with that goal in mind and it worked!

UMZU Betaine HCl: Digestive Support | UMZU Review
Jacob M.
United States


Overall my experience has been amazing with Betaine. Coming from an estrogen dominant system this product has been amazing in estrogen methylation!!!! Highly recommend it!!

Kaleb B.
United States United States

No more indigestion.

Before taking Betaine HCL I would literally get I digestion everyday. I would get indigestion on an extended fast. Now that I take this daily for the past few months I can honestly say I don’t get indigestion anymore. Definitely give this 5 stars because it saves me from having to deal with such a terrible thing as indigestion. Just want to say Thanks!

Jason S.
United States United States

Better stomach

Helps big time with stomach troubles. Helps with heartburn and indigestion. Also seems to give some energy in the mornings without jitters. Would recommend for anyone with tummy issues.

Bobby S.

Good stuff for real.

Helps with gut health and energy levels daily. Effective and fast acting. All of these products work and are worth your money. Thanx Christopher Walker!

Constantine K.
Canada Canada

Helps you eat before you sleep without bloat

When I want to eat meat at night I like to take some betain which helps there to be no digestive upset or bloating while I'm trying to sleep.

Louis V.
United States United States

Great Stuff

Using Betaine is wonderful! keep me regular and great for my diet I don't eat much and losing weight I recommend this product!

Andrea M.
United States United States


Taking Betaine has made have more consistent bowel movements. I also notice that I’m not as constipated anymore.

Mayalin S.
United States United States


my craving for sugar has decreased substantially, I am also able to have a daily bowel which I haven't seen in years, usually its every three to four days, I feel so much better, I could cry because I have been suffering for so long. The Zupoo product is also amazing as I have tried everything under the sun and nothing worked the way your product has. Thank you so much for this blessing.

Edwin S.
United States United States

Round 2

This experience was good. I feel the improvement in my stomach. I will reorder this product again.

Johan N.
United States United States

Betaine Works

It works very well out of everything I tried before the stars were definitely the best !! thank you, thank you, thank you !

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