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Brain Bundle: zuRELIEF, Mucuna Pruriens, Cortigon & Choline

$ 125.80

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This natural supplement and brain support bundle includes Dopa Mucuna, Choline, Cortigon, and Total Relief.

Do you need help lifting your brain fog so you can think clearly? Or maybe you just need a reliable daily supplement stack that will help you dial in your focus at work or school so you can get all your work done in record time?

If you want pure "brain food" that will fuel your brain so it operates at its full capacity all day long, then the UMZU Brain Stack is perfect for you!

Cortigon: With clinical dosages of the safe and powerful Phosphatidylserine, alongside synergistic B vitamins and other brain food, Cortigon will keep you feeling calm, clear, and super focused all day long. Part of what makes Cortigon so effective is that it lowers your cortisol levels naturally, helping you get rid of feelings of anxiety so you feel relaxed while you focus on the task at hand.

Choline: 92% of people are estimated to be deficient in choline, so it's no wonder that so many people have a hard time focusing and learning. Choline is an essential compound that your brain needs in order to function properly. It helps with memory, focus, and lowering stress (and even excess estrogen levels). Choline is a super brain food.

Dopa Mucuna: Mucuna contains a standardized amount of the compound L-dopa which leads to more dopamine production in the brain, helping improve your mood and focus massively. Within just minutes, your general sense of well-being will be up, and your stress will be down.

Total Relief: One of the biggest issues that people have is that their brain is full of inflammation from their poor diets, stress, and compounds like alcohol and environmental toxins. Total Relief contains anti inflammatory compounds such as organic turmeric, bromelain, and olive leaf extract that fight against the brain inflammation that is keeping you foggy.

Get ready for a calm, clear, relaxed focus and a great mood all day long with the UMZU Brain Health Stack! Order today.