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Dopamine Bundle: Mucuna, Cortigon & Floracil50

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"It's time to Think Again."

The Think Again: Serotonin Bundle is a curated natural supplement bundle based on the teachings in Think Again Episode 4: SEROTONIN.

The main idea of the episode is this: Serotonin is not the "happy neurotransmitter" - it is the helplessness neurotransmitter. The true happiness neurotransmitter in the brain is dopamine. The Think Again Serotonin bundle provides everything you need to produce dopamine naturally.

The Think Again Serotonin Bundle includes:

  • Mucuna Pruriens: Dopamine Support - this cognitive support supplement comes from the Mucuna Pruriens plant, which is proven to help increase natural dopamine production.
  • Cortigon: Stress Support - Cortigon's chief function is helping to reduce cortisol (stress hormone) production in the brain, which may lead to increased dopamine production.
  • Floracil50: Gut Support - the gut is known as "the second brain" for many reasons, one being that gut bacteria can produce neurotransmitters including dopamine.