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Did you know that because Vitamin K bioavailability from food is so low, up to an estimated 97% of adults may be deficient in it?1

Our brand new Daily K by UMZU is a potent combination of not just K1, but also both types of Vitamin K2 (MK-4 & MK-7). 

Vitamin K is important for your bone health, cardiovascular health, and for producing healthy reproductive hormones.

1.  https://www.jscimedcentral.com/Nutrition/nutrition-4-1077.pdf


Vitamin K Deserves A Lot More Attention Than It's Getting Right Now. Here's Why...


Stronger Bones

Vitamins K1 and K2 synergize with Vitamin D in the body to keep adequate calcium levels inside your bones. Without enough Vitamin K, calcium will leak out of your bones and into soft tissue and blood vessels, causing a chronic weakening of your bone health over time. Keep your bones strong by supplementing with Daily K consistently.


Better Blood Flow

Vitamin K plays a major role in supporting healthy blood vessels. It contains 4 of the 13 proteins required for healthy blood clotting, which supports faster wound healing. Keep your blood flow balanced and healthy with Daily K.


Healthier Hormone Production

While K1 gets most of the attention, K2 in the forms of MK-4 and MK-7 have been widely studied for hormonal support, specifically playing an important role in healthy production of reproductive hormones. Use Daily K to support your hormonal health.


It's Time to Get The Vitamin K Your Body Needs

A common misconception about Vitamin K is that since our bodies typically have 10x more K1 than K2, most people assume that enough K1 can be converted to K2 naturally. Recent studies have confirmed that this is not the case and demonstrate that we actually need to consume K2 itself daily in order to reap its many important benefits. See all ingredients

Vitamin K1 - Phytonadione photo
Vitamin K2 - MK-4 photo
Vitamin K2 - MK-7 photo

Vitamin K1 - Phytonadione

Phytonadione (Vitamin K1) is needed in the body in order to help blood clot properly to prevent excessive bleeding, and is especially necessary to supplement with for people who have a Vitamin K deficiency. The body's storage system for vitamin K is minimal. With very little reserves, this means vitamin K needs to be consumed daily.

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Vitamin K1 - Phytonadione photo
how to use
Take 1 capsule daily with or without food.

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frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of supplementing with Daily K?

Vitamin K plays an important roll in blood clotting, bone health and heart health.(1) Blood coagulation is an important defense mechanism in the human body. Clotting of the blood helps to prevent life-threatening blood loss. When a blood vessel is injured, it is the job of the platelets and proteins in the plasma to work together to heal the wound. Vitamin K has a part in producing four of the thirteen proteins needed for clotting including prothrombin which plays a large roll in blood coagulation.(2) Blood clotting is seen in the tiniest wounds such as a paper cut, to traumatic injuries and puncture wounds. Osteoporosis is a serious, possibly life-altering medical condition which causes bones to become brittle. This condition is more common in women than men. The risk of osteoporosis increases with age. Individuals who suffer from osteoporosis are at a greater risk for broken and fractured bones.(3) Studies have shown that vitamin K can help increase bone strength by playing a role in bone metabolism. Researchers are still studying the effectiveness of vitamin K in heart health. Studies have shown that vitamin K can help reverse calcification of the arteries, which is a leading cause of heart disease.(4) Evidence suggests that vitamin K2 can prevent certain cancers, especially liver cancer by preventing the growth of cancer cells.

How do I use Daily K?

Although a very small amount of vitamin K is made by the bacteria in the intestines, it is not enough to provide the recommended daily amount. Individuals can consume the daily recommended amount of vitamin K in three different ways. The first way is through diet. There are plenty of foods across all food groups that contain vitamin K. For those who do not consume enough vitamin K through their diet, there are oral supplements available in order to meet the required amounts. Vitamin K injections are the third way to receive vitamin K. However, this method is typically reserved for those who are diagnosed with a vitamin K deficiency, newborns and in some cases liver cirrhosis patients. As with any nutrient, it is important to receive adequate amounts of vitamin K daily. Although vitamin K deficiencies are less common than other nutrient deficiencies, individuals can still suffer devastating consequences if the body's needs are not met. According to the National Institutes of Health daily recommended vitamin K amounts are as follows: 0-6 months consume 2.0 mcg 7-12 months consume 2.5 mcg 1-3 years consume 30 mcg4-8 years consume 55 mcg 9-13 years consume 60 mcg 14-18 years consume 75 mcg Mature males consume 120 mcg Mature females 90 mcg Unlike with most nutrients, there are no extra requirements when it comes to the amount of vitamin K needed by pregnant and lactating women. The vitamin K requirement remains at 90 mcg. It is always best to check with your doctor if you are nursing or pregnant to make sure your nutritional intake is adequate based on your individual needs.

What are the symptoms of a Vitamin K deficiency?

A vitamin K deficiency is caused by either an insufficient intake of vitamin K or a decreased ability to absorb the nutrient. Individuals with liver disease can also experience a decreased ability to store vitamin K in their body. Common signs of a vitamin K deficiency include easy bruising, discharge from the nose or gums, excessive bleeding from wounds or cuts, blood in either the urine or stool, bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract and heavier than normal periods. Typically a vitamin K deficiency is suspected when an individual presents with excessive, unexplained bleeding. A prothrombin time test is the most common method to investigate excessive bleeding. Vitamin K injections are prescribed and given to those who have a deficiency. Oral supplementation can be used to control vitamin K levels in the body. It takes an average of three days before the effects of vitamin K treatment can be seen and felt by the individual.If you are worried about or suspect a vitamin K deficiency, contact your healthcare provider. Your doctor will conduct a thorough examination, including an evaluation of your history, perform the needed tests and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Which foods contain Vitamin K?

Foods that contain vitamin K are usually of the fermented variety such as raw cheese and sauerkraut.

Citations & Sources

1. Caluwé R, Verbeke F, De Vriese AS. Evaluation of vitamin K status and rationale for vitamin K supplementation in dialysis patients. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation. December 2018. doi:10.1093/ndt/gfy3732. Dahms S, Demir F, Huesgen P, Thorn K, Brandstetter H. Sirtilins - the new old members of the vitamin K-dependent coagulation factor family. J Thromb Haemost. January 2019. [PubMed] 3. Lorentzon M. Treating osteoporosis to prevent fractures: current concepts and future developments. J Intern Med. January 2019. [PubMed] 4. van B, Beulens J. The Role of Vitamin K Status in Cardiovascular Health: Evidence from Observational and Clinical Studies. Curr Nutr Rep. 2017;6(3):197-205. [PMC]

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Robin R.
United States United States

Daily K - Got Milk?

Craving more milk since taking Daily K.

Tyren D.
United States United States

Awesome product!!

I noticed my diet alone was not getting me enough of the daily vitamin K I needed. I noticed my metabolism is super charged and no aching bones after work outs. UMZU has done it again with another fabulous product!

Robin R.
United States United States

Daily K

My thyroid doctor recommended I take Vitamin K. Feeling great!

Martin D.
United States United States


I can definitely feel the difference. Another great UMZU product, love that this company is mindful of health!

United States United States

Good stuff

This product gives us the daily dose that most of us need. Great product. Necessity!

Laura P.
United States United States

Great product

High happy with his product, clean ingredients from a n awesome company...will continue to use

George S.
United States United States

Really good Potassium sup

Great and pairs well with Keto/ Carnivore

Bobbie R.
United States United States

Daily K Review

I've noticed that Daily K has kept my hormones in a better healthy balance & I feel the difference

Jim h.
United States United States


So far so good. I just purchased collagen protein from you. I'm 65 and want to power lift. Should I be taking whey isolate protein also? I have trouble gaining good weight.

Antonio M.
United States United States

Great combination supplements

Love this product , added to my daily supplements of fish oil and vitamin D

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