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Damage Control Bundle: Sensolin, Floracil50 & zuPOO

$ 124.85

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The Damage Control Bundle is all about helping you keep your body healthy and balanced, even while indulging in your favorite "less-than-healthy" holiday activities throughout the year.

This supplement stack will keep you making progress throughout the holidays. With all the festive eating and drinking on the way, you can still balance your blood sugar, keep your gut healthy, and flush out the excess food in your digestive system.

This bundle comes with:
  • Sensolin: keep your appetite low and your blood sugar levels in control even while indulging in your favorite foods
  • Floracil50: probiotics are super important for maintaining a healthy gut, great digestion, less bloating, and balanced hormones. Make sure to keep your gut happy and you'll stay feeling great!
  • zuPOO: there's nothing worse than feeling "backed up" or constipated. Easily eliminate that extra 5-20lbs of toxic waste in your colon and keep things moving regularly with a daily dose of zuPOO