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Inflammation Bundle: zuRELIEF, zuBROTH & zuCOLLAGEN

$ 134.85

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"It's time to Think Again."

The Think Again: Inflammation Bundle is a curated natural supplement bundle based on the teachings in Think Again Episode 5: INFLAMMATION.

The main idea of the episode is this: Inflammation is the enemy - but it is a symptom, not a cause. We must dig one step deeper to find the underlying causes of inflammation to address the issue. The Think Again Inflammation bundle provides everything you need to fight inflammation at the source.

The Think Again Inflammation Bundle includes:

  • zuBROTH: Bone Broth - our delicious, savory bone broth comes packed with anti-inflammatory amino acids as well as 19g of protein per serving. Great for cooking!
  • zuCOLLAGEN: Multi-type Collagen - zuCOLLAGEN is a tasteless collagen protein, containing even more anti-inflammatory amino acids and another 20g of protein
  • zuRELIEF: Pain Support - specifically designed to fight inflammation, zuRELIEF is our premier supplement for attacking inflammation at the source