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zuCollagen Protein: Multi-Type Collagen

$ 44.95

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"Absolutely LOVE it. The zuCollagen Protein has aided in completely eliminating the onset of tendonitis in my arm."Abby V,  Verified Review

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. Lack of collagen can lead to the biological effects of aging - muscle loss, poor joints, wrinkled skin, thinning hair and more.

zuCOLLAGEN Protein is more than just collagen protein  - it's actually a unique and potent hydrolyzed natural blend of 5 different collagen types that support your skin's elasticity and glow, helps your circulatory system, your gut, joints and cartilage.†

 zuCOLLAGEN Protein is available in two flavors - Unflavored and Chocolate Brownie: - Unflavored contains 20g of protein at just 80 calories. Chocolate Brownie contains 21g of protein at just 90 calories.