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"It's time to Think Again."

The Think Again: Inflammation Bundle is a curated natural supplement bundle based on the teachings in Think Again Episode 5: INFLAMMATION.

The main idea of the episode is this: Inflammation is the enemy - but it is a symptom, not a cause. We must dig one step deeper to find the underlying causes of inflammation to address the issue. The Think Again Inflammation bundle provides everything you need to fight inflammation at the source.


    Fight Inflammation at the Source


    Anti-Inflammatory Amino Acids

    Our delicious, savory bone broth comes packed with anti-inflammatory amino acids as well as 19g of protein per serving. Great for cooking!


    Collagen Protein

    zuCOLLAGEN is a tasteless collagen protein, containing even more anti-inflammatory amino acids and another 20g of protein


    Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs

    Specifically designed to fight inflammation, zuRELIEF is our premier supplement for attacking inflammation at the source

    zuRelief: Reduce Pain & Support Joints
    zuRelief: Reduce Pain & Support Joints


    Reduce Pain & Support Joints

    zuRELIEF is a natural supplement containing the exact clinically-proven dosages of 6 potent natural compounds that get results FAST. Taking zuRELIEF daily helps to maintain flexibility, mobility, gut health and immune function, as well as reduce stress reactions.†


    By supporting tissue flexibility with zuRELIEF, free your joints and muscles to move more freely.†


    Lower the cytokine response in your body, maintaining a healthy immune system.†


    Take zuRELIEF daily and improve comfort levels with a natural alternative.†

    zuBROTH: Total Bone Broth Protein
    zuBROTH: Total Bone Broth Protein


    Total Bone Broth Protein

    zuBroth Total Bone Broth supports your skin’s elasticity and glow, helps your circulatory system, supports your gut, enhances muscle growth and recovery and supports healthy cartilage. Each type of collagen fiber, the minerals, amino acids, and gelatin in zuBroth Total Bone Broth are highly absorbable and rapidly used by the body.†

    Bovine Collagen

    zuBROTH is sourced from grass-fed bovine of the highest possible quality

    Support Skin Elasticity

    The collagen in zuBROTH will help your skin look and feel great.

    Joint Support

    Collagen also supports healthy joints, ligaments, and muscles.

    zuCollagen Protein: Multi-Type Collagen
    zuCollagen Protein: Multi-Type Collagen

    zuCollagen Protein

    Multi-Type Collagen

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. Lack of collagen can lead to the biological effects of aging - muscle loss, poor joints, wrinkled skin, thinning hair and more. zuCOLLAGEN Protein is more than just collagen protein - it's actually a unique and potent hydrolyzed natural blend of 5 different collagen types that support your skin's elasticity and glow, helps your circulatory system, your gut, joints and cartilage.†

    More Protein, Fewer Calories

    zuCOLLAGEN is packed with protein to help you build and maintain muscle.† With a great protein-to-calorie ratio, there's no better way to get your collagen

    Skin, Hair, and Nail Health

    Delay the physical effects of aging with elastic skin, thick hair and strong nails.†

    Joint Support

    zuCOLLAGEN is more than just protein. It will help strengthen your joints too!†

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    Brenda (.
    United States United States
    Love how I feel with total collagen!

    I gave bre. Taken this for almost a year and will not start my day without it! My skin is glowing at 57 and I feel GREAT!

    UMZU Inflammation Bundle: zuRELIEF, zuBROTH & zuCOLLAGEN Review
    James K.
    United States
    Collagen protein

    I have been taking your collagen product for several months now. Overall I have received benefits and both my nails and skin. For several years I had problems with my fingernails splitting down the middle. After using your product my nails got much thicker and stronger. I also noticed a difference in my skin. I'm at the age where I have creepy skin. Taking the collagen on a regular basis greatly reduced the appearance of crepey skin. My skin seem to have more hydration and more elasticity. My wife has also started taking the product. It's too early to tell if she has felt any of the results. I also like the fact that it's a way to get low calorie high grade protein. I take one to two servings a day and I'm very pleased with results.

    Jeffrey B.
    United States
    Slow go but definitely notice differences

    I used to be a bodybuilder and as I've gotten older I've notice my knee joints and elbow joints bother me more, but this product it has increased my flexibility. Also it has improved my Facial skin complexion.

    A UMZU Customer
    Daniel V.
    United States
    Secret Weapon

    I'll be honest. It doesn't taste that great but that's not why I use it.. I mix it in water and finish it quick. I don't worry about protein intake these days because I know I can supplement with Total Collagen Protein. It's a convenient and effective nutritional tool that everyone should have in their arsenal.

    UMZU Inflammation Bundle: zuRELIEF, zuBROTH & zuCOLLAGEN Review
    Sean R.
    United States
    Total Collagen Protein

    I’ve been taking Total Collagen Protein for a month now. Easy to add into my stack via coffee, smoothie, juice, water and of course in the mole! I’ve noticed I’m more flexible and I definitely have better rest. I love this product so much!

    UMZU Inflammation Bundle: zuRELIEF, zuBROTH & zuCOLLAGEN Review
    A UMZU Customer
    Andrew H.
    United States
    Total Collagen Protein

    The Total Collagen protein has improved the health of my skin (psoriasis ), giving both my skin & hair a visible shine. It also makes an easy liquid shake to break my daily intermediate fast. Since being on the Thermodiet (liver type) I have lost 10 lbs. , primarily belly fat, & have way more sustained focused energy throughout the day. A great supplement to my Thermodiet.

    UMZU Inflammation Bundle: zuRELIEF, zuBROTH & zuCOLLAGEN Review
    Joseph G.
    United States United States
    Great stuff

    The price is a little high but In light of my knee issues; I reluctantly bought this in hopes it would help. I’m halfway done and realized I feel better. Very smooth, taste not bad like other vanilla products. Def mix in room temp water. It does clump some. I will def buy again.

    Don J.
    United States
    Excellent product!

    We are on our 2nd bag and can tell the difference in freedom of movement already. Also, I believe the product is responsible for the additional benefit of no more acid reflux at night.

    David B.
    United States
    Total Collagen Protein

    I take a lot of protein and rank this as one of the better. I have had some tendon issues and since going through three bags of this the issues have improved. I don't know if its just time and rest or the product incorporated into my daily routine but it is the only supplement I have changed in months. Give it a try. Mixes well and taste is fine.

    Mary R.
    Georgia Georgia
    feeling great

    I feel good all over my muscle tone stomach overall much better on my third bag I love it in my smoothie curves my appetite thank you

    UMZU Inflammation Bundle: zuRELIEF, zuBROTH & zuCOLLAGEN Review
    Seth W.
    United States

    Excellent ! I’m very satisfied with the results

    UMZU Inflammation Bundle: zuRELIEF, zuBROTH & zuCOLLAGEN Review
    Damien A.
    United States
    Clean protein

    Its a great protein shake. I add mix berries to it and it tastes even better.

    Lynn G.
    United States
    Another Super Product

    I have been taking the Total Collagen Protein product for about 3 weeks, mixing this in my smoothie 5 days a week for my morning breakfast for work. I've noticed small changes such as; I no longer seem to have that sluggish feeling around 3pm at work, I have more energy at the gym in the evening; and, I have lost a couple of pounds. Is it because of this product? I don't know; but, I plan to continue with it to find out!

    Abby V.
    United States
    60 day review

    Absolutely LOVE it. The Total Collagen Protein has aided in completely eliminating the onset of tendonitis in my arm. I am 55 and lift weights. My joints and ligaments need all the help they can get.

    Max O.
    Collagen review

    I am enjoying collagen, mainly the effects such as clearer skin and less lethargy in knee joints during working hours! However blending this product with cold water is near impossible as it turns to foam...not sure weather it’s my product but its very unpleasant to drink and almost unbearable


    Hi Max, collagen in general is best consumed in either warm liquids or mixed with food, such as in smoothies, soups, sauces etc. Glad you're loving the effects!

    Patrick D.
    United States United States
    The best!

    This Collagen Protein is the best and my gut appreciates it too.

    United States United States
    A feel a little disappointed, and think it’s working

    I think I love this product. Lol. I just found out it’s a 20 dose bag, ie enough for 20 days if you take it daily. I believe the bag states take 1 scoop daily; I was on a 30 day subscription - but there’s only enough for 20 days. Come on UMZU; you guys being the massive studs you are, all smart and everything, you’d think it’d be at least a 30 day supply. I’m just sayn. I love you guys, your product and your marketing. Christopher should run for office - I believe everything he says. BUT, I gotta leave a disappointing review because of this 20 day vs 30 day thing. BTW, I say “I think I love it” because I’ve only been on it 20 of the last 30 days. I think I’m seeing results but, I was thinking I was using too much, and I haven’t used any for the last 10 days, blaming myself for over doing it, and I wasn’t given enough!! Ok enough ranting, I love UMZU and will be continuing to buy your products when I get some more greenbacks.

    lino l.
    United States
    Great product!!

    Great product!! It has a neutral taste and blends very well with anything. The packaging is not ideal thou.

    Ratchanoo D.

    Mixes well (lukewarm better than cold water). Slight bitter taste if mixing with water. No taste at all if mixing with juice. Will definitely re-order.

    William H.
    United States
    Excellent product

    Wish it came in 30day supply bag. Very good product, ill be taking this for a very long time

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