Male Vitality Optimization Bundle

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The Male Vitality Optimization stack is a natural male supplement bundle that increases energy, supports hormone balance, and boosts Nitric Oxide.



All of the ingredients in Testro-X are carefully chosen to aid your body in increasing its own natural testosterone production by correcting key micronutrient deficiencies, lowering stress hormone levels, and triggering LH production in the pituitary, which signals to your body to produce more testosterone. 



Redwood is our research-backed nitric oxide booster. Most of guys issues, especially in the bedroom and with poor energy in general, are the result of poor circulation and other vascular health issues. Redwood is designed with 4 key ingredients to increase vascular functioning from the inside out, working with your body's natural processes to improve your circulation so you can "perform" at all the right moments. 



Floracil50 is our flagship probiotic with key strains designed to improve nutrient assimilation, repopulate your gut flora with good bacteria, and improve communication between your gut and your brain to properly manage and balance your hormonal health. Each capsule contains 50 Billion CFU of 8 different strains, all shown in human peer-reviewed research to achieve their desired results.  

So with this complete Male Vitality Stack you can rest assured that within just a matter of weeks of consistent use you will be feeling like a new man again, with tons of natural energy, and a massive boost in your masculine biology.

Directions & Usage

Testro-X- take 3 capsules at night.
Floracil50- take 1 capsule in the morning.
Redwood- take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 at night.