Liquid Vitamin D3: Immunity, Mood, & Hormone Support

Liquid Vitamin D3

Immunity, Mood, & Hormone Support
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"This is an easy to use supplement. My mood is top notch. I add my drops to all of my juices, smoothies, and even my zuSleep. Recommend to all, especially those used to sunless winters and seasonal depression."
- Benjamin M.  Verified Buyer

Liquid Vitamin D3 is all about helping your body support a strong immune system, heightened well-being (especially in the winter months), mineral absorption, increased bone density, and improved hormonal function.†

As a fat soluble vitamin, UMZU's Vitamin D3 is suspended in MCT Oil from coconuts for maximum absorption. 


Experience Liquid Sunshine.



Vitamin D3 is often used as a structural support supplement, helping you build up bone density.†



Vitamin D3 is a stimulating hormone that has been shown to speed up metabolism†



Experience a lift in mood and well-being, especially in the winter months with less daylight†


Vitamin D3 of the Highest Possible Quality

Liquid Vitamin D3 is a single-ingredient supplement, but make no mistake - not all single-ingredient supplements are created equally.

UMZU's Vitamin D3 is of the highest possible quality and is suspended in MCT oil from coconuts to ensure that your D3 is properly absorbed. By taking Vitamin D3 daily, you begin to support mood, well-being, immune health, structural support and hormonal production. See all ingredients

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Liquid Vitamin D3

Interestingly, Vitamin D3 is not actually a vitamin - it's a hormone that hails from the kidneys. It's primary function is to improve calcium absorption in the blood. It's a very common modern-day deficiency that is vital to correct.

Vitamin D3 is a highly-researched supplement, shown to improve markers in bone density, mood, well-being, and metabolism.†

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how to use
Take in the Morning

Vitamin D is a stimulating hormone, so it is best to take in the mornings

4 Drops

Supplement with 400iu daily

Enjoy the Benefits

Heightened well-being, structural support, immune health, hormonal production and more!

frequently asked questions

What does Vitamin D do?

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for the human body. Important for many functions to happen correctly in the body Vitamin D is easy to be deficient in and is usually recommended as a supplement for most people who do not get much daily sunlight.

How do I take Vitamin D?

Simply take 4 drops of vitamin D on a daily basis in the morning. It is not recommended to take this supplement later In the day as it is a waking signal to the circadian rhythm of the body.

Is Vitamin D vegan?

Yes, Vitamin D is vegan.

Is Vitamin D dairy-free?

Yes, Vitamin D is dairy free.

Can I take Vitamin D with medication?

We always recommend talking to your prescribing physician before using any supplements.

Can I take Vitamin D on an empty stomach?

Our vitamin D is suspended in MCT oil so it should not matter if it is taken on an empty stomach or not.

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Customer Reviews
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A UMZU Customer
United States United States
Doctor is happy

Honestly, I am not sure we what to expect from taking Vit D, however, my bloodwork shows my Vit D level is what it should be.

A UMZU Customer
Robert C.
United States United States
Sublimely amazing

I’ve be using the Bone Broth, “Redwood,” the Vitamin D and the prebiotic and probiotics with amazing results. I highly recommend UMZU to anyone seeking greater wellness in their lives.

Benjamin M.
Feeling great / Ease of use

This is an easy to use supplement. My mood is top notch. I add my drops to all of my juices, smoothies, and even my Total Sleep. Recommend to all, especially those used to sunless winters and seasonal depression. Recommend by this Canadian.

James M.
United States
Messy Dropper

Been taking it with breakfast & feeling energetic all morning. The light oil tends to leak out of the dropper, making the cap & bottle slippery. Don't know if topical application (my oily hand) is of any use. Please advise.

Scott F.
United States United States
Great Product

Can definately tell an increase in energy.

Ricardo L.
United States United States
Pretty substantial

Easy way to acquire vitamin D as someone who works graveyard shift all the time.

Fred N.
United States United States
Love this product

This is great, no bad after taste and if you need a boost of your Vitamin D3 there is not better way than UMZU Liquid. I can tell that my mood is better, I actually think I am sharper now after taking this product compared to the over the counter D3 you buy in the store. I love UMZU Products and will continue to order when needed

Jennifer O.
United States United States
Great Product. Good Company!

I love the pure ease of taking D3 in this form.. no capsules to swallow. I can also add this into a drink if need be.. I actually add this to my cat's food. So we are ALL gaining from the benefits. Cheaper to build the immune than recover it, both in people and animals.

Erik D.
United States United States
Vit D, gut health, testro x , redwood

My mood has been great, my energy is great! I also take gut health and Testro X Redwood, my energy at work is... " what are you on Erik?, my reply is "UMZU!!".

UMZU Liquid Vitamin D3: Immunity, Mood, & Hormone Support Review
Brent W.
United States United States
Brent Wessel

100% I've made minor changes to the dosage to accommodate my type and it works.

Curtis H.
United States United States

Good no taste easy to take

Peter B.
United States
I like all the umzu

I like all the umzu products that I have bought I use them all and will be placing an order soon

Marcus W.
United States United States
Vitamin D

Love it!! I will continue to take it.

Christopher V.
United States United States
Great product

Great, products are great so is customer service and shipping times

Carlos A.
United States United States

Works as it is suppose to. Quality products

Preston C.
United States

Skeptical at first but I knew I had circulation issues. I’ve never really been very veiny or vascular. Just finished my first bottle, started seeing result around end of week 1. Love it. Veins popping in my arms now.

Tom B.
United States
D3 works for me

I haven’t been sick since I started taking it. It’s easy to take and taste isn’t bad at all. I feel more active and seem to get out of bed easier than before I started taking it. I’m pleased so far.

Heide E.
United States

Love this product

Dustin R.
United States United States
Definitely a difference!!

It’s been over 2 months since I’ve been regularly taking D3; I have totally felt a difference in my mood has been stressful and since taking this I feel less wound up and not in control. I don’t get as frustrated with the things that are inherently out of my control, and have the level headedness to tackle the things that are in my control that I need to tackle. Over all I’ve felt a big difference in my frustration/stress levels...been stacking with Mucana and that’s been great! Totally love all Umzu products I’ve tried so far...have plans to expanding my daily supps once I start getting paid from new job!

UMZU Liquid Vitamin D3: Immunity, Mood, & Hormone Support Review
Erin D.
United States United States
Liquid Sunshine!

This is the easiest way to get this crucial nutrient! I’ve always been D3 deficient, even when I take a supplement in pill form, but after using this daily for two months my levels are normal. Highly recommend!

Umzu Owl

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