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zuRelief: Reduce Pain & Support Joints

56 reviews
$ 44.95

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"I am an MD and there is no product on the conventional over the counter market that approaches the combination of safety and effectiveness of zuRELIEF for my own joint and muscle aches . It is made up of very synergistic ingredients that effectively treat inflammation." - Richard O. Verified Buyer

zuRELIEF is a natural supplement that reduces aches & discomforts, joint pain, arthritis symptoms, and soreness. zuRELIEF contains the exact clinical dosages of 6 potent all-natural compounds that gets results FAST.

Taking zuRELIEF daily helps to reduce aches & discomforts, restore gut health, reduce stress reactions, boost immune function and reduce pain and soreness.

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Daniel G.
United States
Arthritis pain in hands lessening

I've just about finished my first bottle of "Relief." I believe the pain in my hands from arthritis is less than in the past. Tying my shoes is one of the most painful things to do, but seems I seem to have less pain than previously. I look forward to the arrival of my next bottle, purchased by "auto renewal." I trust as I continue to use "Relief" I will continue to have less pain. I'm committed to giving it a try for a full three months. Umzu has great customer service and support. Thanks so very much for your commitment to healthy lives.

Robert M.
United States United States
Make it through the day.

I noticed after a month of use, walking was easier, golfing w/o pain pills & no pain after golf. Enjoy those hikes & outdoor events more. After 6 months now & I take two every morning pain almost gone.

Richard O.
United States United States
Incredible product

I am an MD and there is no product on the conventional over the counter market that approaches the combination of safety and effectiveness of Total Relief for my own joint and muscle aches . It is made up of very synergistic ingredients that effectively treat inflammation. I highly recommend it.

Diana W.
United States
My Knees Feel Better

Arthritis was diagnosed in my knees several years ago. Sometimes the pain interfered with my sleep. These days I exercise in the gym and walk quite a lot daily, but days go by without knee pain. My dental hygienist commented that there was less inflammation in my gums -- totally to my surprise as I'd been taking Total Relief for my knees. Apparently it attacks inflammation throughout the body!

Ruth W.
United States
Total Relief

It helps, but I'm still in pain. I have discontinued most use of other pain relievers due to kidney function reactions.

Marisela S.
United States
Total (Inflamation) Relief

For a very long time my right leg was getting numbed any time I stand up. I had like millions of needles showering down from my knee to my foot causing numbness and pain when trying to walk. After 3 days of taking your Total (Inflammation) Relief Supplement, that needle sensation running down my leg was completely gone. I felt so relief, and in addition of the relief, some how it also make feel more active and energetic. I had already recommended this supplement to my friends and also to a couple of friends who are Physical Therapists who have seen my relief after many months of suffering.

Michael S.
United States
The only supplements I've taken and felt a noticeable difference

Everything is research-backed and works just as described. Can't say that about any other supplements I've taken. I recommend the products I use (Inflammation Relief, Total Collagen Protein, and Redwood) to people all the time. Thanks TruthNutra!!

Susan H.
United States
Great Products

Since I've started taking these supplements, I haven't had to take a pain pill for my knee pain....

Marc V.
United States United States

The relief l get from ZuRelief is great!!!

Ársæll H.
Iceland Iceland
It helps

I suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and osteo arthritis so pain and weakness in muscles and joints are a daily thing. As I can't take any of the arthritis meds (except anti inflammatory ones) due to allergies I've tried many natural remedies to relieve the pain. ZuRelief does not fully eliminate the pain but it makes it bearable to the point I can do more work and activities without feeling like I was hit by a truck. It takes few days to feel it working. For me it took 10 days. I've subscribed to ZuRelief.

Ricky J.
United States United States
Pain Reduction

After about two month, zuRelief has reduced my pain in my left hip significantly. Mobility in my left leg has increased. Mobility in my leg has increased.

Seth T.
United States

I train very hard and have a physically demanding job. This product has been a daily staple in my daily supplement stack for a while and I highly recommend. I love the addition of Olive Leaf extract!

Frederick M.

Any guy that wants extra energy all around should buy this now. Fantastic product. By far the best supplement ever taken. 5 stars.

Kody B.
United States
Helps with post workout aches.

Helps with post workout aches. Preventing need for ibuprofen.

Gary C.
United States United States
Knee Rehab back on track

I've been rehabilitating my left knee for several months post arthroscopic surgery for medial meniscus damage. Although I was fully engaged in my physical therapy sessions, sometimes the pain and swelling would last for a day or two or even three after.wards, and I'd have a noticeable limp. Well physical therapy is done and I'm working out on my own and taking zuRelief daily. I'm doing bootcamp-style training complete with burpees, seal jacks, plyometric skaters, running in place, etc and the pain & swelling are gone! The range of motion in the knee joint has increased noticibly and my recovery time has decreased to the point where I am now consistently working out 4x a week! zuRelief is the REAL DEAL!!! Chris and team I can't thank you enough for this and all the other great products you guys are producing- keep up the great work!

Scott R.
United States United States

Fantastic. Love this and redwood.

Carlos C.
United States
Great Product!

It is safe and good.

Steven C.
United States
Cant complain

Has definitely helped

Marc V.
United States United States
zuRelief( Total Relief )

I love the product, it does help my authritis, but unfortunately it does not relief it all. My authritis is very bad,

Jessica S.
United States United States
Amazing relief for knee pain

I was suffering from tendonitis in my right knee and this product has been fundamental to helping me feel relief. It defiantly has helped limit inflammation, not only in my joints, but also in my whole body.