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How to Add the Early Black Friday Deals to a Current Subscription

We are starting Black Friday early this year for ALL customers - not just new ones. To get 32% OFF of your subscription FOR LIFE, add the code BLACKFRIDAYDEALS to your active subscription - here's how:

Step by Step: How to Take Advantage of Early Black Friday


Navigate to the Login tab

This tab can be found in the top right hand corner of any page on our website


Login to your account with your email and password

Any subscriber will have an automatic account created upon first purchase. Use the email and password you created after your first purchase.


Once inside, click on SUBSCRIPTION

We have recently updated our subscription manager! Take a look around while you're inside.


Once in the SUBSCRIPTION tab, choose "Add a Discount"

Here you should see all of your current active subscriptions with UMZU!


In the popup, add the code BLACKFRIDAYDEALS next to your best address

This is a new feature for our customers - your code will be bulk applied to all subscriptions, giving you 32% OFF for the entire duration of your subscription with us!

Thank you so much for being a loyal UMZU customer. Enjoy your discount!