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Thyrite + Thermo Diet Digital Course

$ 54.95

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Thyrite is all about restoring healthy thyroid gland function naturally.

A faster metabolism, easier weight loss, healthier hair & nails, and even clear skin (yes, it helps clear up acne) can all be yours when you restore thyroid gland function naturally with the ingredients in Thyrite. Your thyroid is a "master gland" in your body, so when it's not functioning properly, life can be rough & weight loss can be extremely difficult.
Use Thyrite to bring your thyroid back into balance: 
  • Supporting healthy thyroid functioning
  • Better conversion of T4 to T3†
  • A faster metabolic rate†
  • Lower body fat levels†
  • Faster hair and nail growth†
  • No more cold hands and feet†
  • More energy throughout the day†

Contains organic KSM-66 which has been shown in double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials to increase active T3 thyroid hormone levels by 18.6% at 4 weeks, and a whopping 41.5% at 8 weeks of use!