Garlic 5000 Capsules: Increase Nitric Oxide Production


Garlic 5000 is standardized to yield allicin precursors, which convert to allicin when ingested. It is enteric coated so that this conversion occurs in the upper intestine for optimal absorption, as well as to contain the release of garlic’s pungent odor. The allicin potential of this product is achieved through a special process that keeps Garlic’s moisture low while preserving all of the natural goodness of whole fresh garlic. Enjoy the benefits of this odor-controlled garlic tablet

  • 5, 000 mcg of Allicin Potential
  • Odor Controlled
  • Enteric Coated
  • A Dietary Supplement
  • Vegetarian/Vegan

The researchers in Pharmaceutical Research Institute at Albany College of Pharmacy found this out in their human study

…This is what they did:

Adam Mousa and his team of researchers had a group of men and women with high blood pressure.

They admistered 2 grams of vitamin C (ester C in particular) and 4 garlic tablets (containing 6 mg of allicin and 13.2 mg of alliin) daily to their patients, and examined their blood pressure levels for the next 10 days.

Mousa and his crew also examined how the combination of vitamin C and garlic would impact endolithial nitric oxide output.

Here’s what they found out:

a) The endolethial nitric oxide output actually increased by a staggering 200%.

b) On average the systolic blood pressure dropped from 142 mm to 115 mm, which is more than can usually be achieved with medication.

c) Diastolic Blood pressure decreased from 92 mm to 77 mm on average.

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sandra j.
United States

Amazing product

I noticed that this product does work and my blood pressure is down serveral numbers. I also brought the product up to my physician attention and he said absolutely recommends it.

Greg f.


Great supplement! No garlic breath, and works well with vitamin C. I take them BOTH before workouts for a better pump!