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Gynecomastia Solution Bundle: Testro-X, Sensolin, Betaine, Cortigon, & Choline

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$ 180.75

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The Gynecomastia Solution Stack is all about helping you to rebalance your estrogen to androgen ratio so you can reduce estrogenic fat tissue in your chest and increase your natural androgen levels for more energy, better strength, and lower body fat levels. 

This stack contains two powerful estrogen methylators: choline & betaine. These compounds methylate your excess estrogen, removing it from your system quickly. In this bundle you also get our Top Seller Testro-X supplement to help increase testosterone levels naturally and lower cortisol, along with Cortigon to control stress hormones, and Sensolin to control your insulin. When all of these hormones are working together properly, in the right balance, you start to feel amazing and gynecomastia starts to disappear.

This stack is especially effective in combination with the Thermo Diet nutrition plan and a weight lifting regimen 3x a week.

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Jake M.
Superior Wi
3 weeks and Chris changed my life

Using Chris Walker's Thermo 30 diet and the gynecomastia stack and all his tips on the YouTube videos I've watched I can definitely feel that I'm on the right track to Optimal Health. I've had issues with high estrogen levels and also from watching Chris's videos on thyroid and Metabolism ive corrected thyroid issues that I didn't even know I had until I watched Chris's videos, and in just 3 weeks of using the thermal 30 diet the gynecomastia stack and Chris's tips on thyroid and metabolism my lifts have gone up and I feel my strength increase from week to week, also for the first time in 12 years my extremities are warm because I corrected the thyroid issues I have using Chris's knowledge in his YouTube videos. I found out that I was flushing my rminerals through my system by drinking too much water so I stopped drinking so much water and added salt to my coffee in the morning and salt to my Gatorade after my 18 hour fast before I eat lunch. I also just got done reading the Thor book that Chris wrote and today I did my first weighted dips!!!!! I couldn't be more happy and excited that I found Chris on YouTube kind of sounds crazy but he has me in the right direction and i know my life has changed for the better. I could go on and on about the positive benefits of using Chris's knowledge to gain Optimal Health but I'll wait till I do that next stack to do so!!! thanks Chris

Walter F.
United States
Going but not gone

I have been taking the supplements for about a month. I do see some change and some wwight loss. Ask me in 2 month when I am pretty sure I will have better results!

Daniel P.
United States
It's working

My experience is overall positive, It's working because I have the condition severely. So far so good. I'll probably order from you all again.

Marty N.
United States
Still early but feel great!

Waiting to see what happen in month 2. Digestion and focus is better!

Terrance G.
United States United States
Gynecomastia Stack

So far things are going well. I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been using the Redwood, already, but wanted to try the stack and I can say that it’s helping me out, tremendously.

Christopher M.
United States United States
Because of “U”MZU I can thrive

I never felt more energized, more focused and alive. UMZ “U” have changed my life

Rolando P.
United States United States

i love the products and they really work...feel better and can actually see the results....a little costly though

Richard E.
United States United States
Will buy again

Overall, good. Definately notice some positive changes. Only thing is there is no guidance on optimal dosage. Stack just says with meals. I eat OMAD and support has nothing on that.

Mayford C.
United States United States
Great I really enjoy your

Great I really enjoy your products! I went from aches and pain now pain free. I went from 376 pounds to 336 pounds in 2 months with 30 minutes of cardio. I'm 52 years old with no facial hair at al. I have low Testosterone and with your product Testro X I'm feeling strong in the gym with weights getting a nice form o never had before

United States
Incredible results

Before finding out about UMZU, I largely came to the same conclusions as the founder for my battle with gynecomastia. After cleaning up my diet, researching the best micro & macro nutritional approach I could sustain, and exercise, I enjoyed reasonable results. However, I hit a point of diminishing returns. My father asked me to look into UMZU's Redwood for his circulation, and I was impressed with their methodology, so I got Redwood for both of us, and the stack. The results defied expectations, to the point where my coworkers were asking what changed. In my opinion, as I am not a doctor or nutritionist, is if you want the best results: clean living and hard work are an absolute must, but UMZU's Gynecomastia Stack will push you over. Repeat customer until further notice.

John D.
United States
Feel Great

Noticed more energy and leaned out a bit!

Kane S.
United States

UMZU has changed my life for the better... end of story.

Devin F.
United States

Great. Job well done on product quality.

Michael C.
United States
Gyno Stack Solition

I am usually pretty skeptical about product claims. I saw a video about Flouracile and was impressed with the study results so I gave it a try. The bottom line is it works. I have a monthly subscription for the Flourcile now. I tried the gyno-stack and that worked too! No subscription needed! I have tried most of the products and have been impressed with them as well. I would subscribe for others but cannot afford more.

chris h.
United States
Great purchase.

Top notch. Will be reordering it.

Christopher H.
United States United States
Great product

5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

United States United States
Awesome product

Over all did gave me tons of energy more!. I feel like it gave me the balance I needed. Now that I’m off of it I feel great! But will eventually buy again! Definitely recommend. This will not fix your man boobs overnight. Needs more than that. Not an easy. Honestly if you want to get it for that reason you’ll be disappointed. Will definitely give your body a huge boost. Worked for me.

Hendre R.
Australia Australia
Energy and awareness

Noticed setter body composition at the end of using it for a month. Better energy and overall awareness.

Sonny S.
United States United States
Awesome! I love the feeling

Awesome! I love the feeling i get!

Nick G.
United States
Felt great using this stack. I will do it again.

Great products by this company. I have switch pretty much everything to UMZU. Getting ready to try Red Wood NO. Good results keep you going back the gym the for more. Thanks.