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Low T Bundle: Testro X, Betaine, Cortigon & Redwood

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"It's time to Think Again."

The Think Again: Low T Bundle is a curated natural supplement bundle based on the teachings in Think Again Episode 1: Low T.

The main idea of the landmark episode is this: Low T is not caused by age alone - Low T is caused by micronutrient deficiencies that may develop from exposure to endocrine disruptors over time. The Think Again Low T bundle provides everything a man needs to correct those micronutrient deficiencies and even prevent the deficiencies from occurring in the first place.

The Think Again Low T Bundle includes:

  • Testro-X: Testosterone Booster - get all of the micronutrients most commonly deficient in men
  • Redwood: Blood Flow & Circulation Support - increase blood flow and nutrient delivery for a compounding effect with Testro-X
  • Betaine: Digestion Support - improve digestion and estrogen methylation
  • Cortigon: Stress Support - cortisol is inversely proportionate to testosterone. Keep stress and cortisol at bay, increase focus and memory capacity