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Micronutrient Bundle: Redwood, Thyrite & Vitamin D3

$ 106.85

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"It's time to Think Again."

The Think Again: Micronutrients Bundle is a curated natural supplement bundle based on the teachings in Think Again Episode 2: MICRONUTRIENTS.

The main idea of the episode is this: Micronutrients are much too overlooked - it is the balances and imbalances of micronutrients that will ultimately determine overall health. By correcting key micronutrient deficiencies, you begin to support all bodily processes by giving your body what it needs to operate. The Think Again Micronutrients bundle provides the widest variety of imbalance-correcting micronutrients of any bundle on the store.

The Think Again Micronutrients Bundle includes:

  • Redwood: Circulation Support - Redwood is packed with Vitamin C, and increasing blood flow will help transport nutrients around your body.
  • Thyrite: Thyroid Support - Thyrite is our most robust supplement formula, with 12 different vitamins, minerals and herbs to help boost the health of your thyroid.
  • Vitamin D3: Immunity, Mood and Hormone Support - this little bottle packs a big punch, by correcting a Vitamin D deficiency, you begin to support immunity, mood and hormonal production. Our Vitamin D3 is suspended in coconut oil, leading to the highest-quality results. Great for winter months!