Ultimate Immunity Stack: Redwood, Sensolin, zuBROTH, zuRELIEF & zuACV

Ultimate Immunity Stack

Redwood, Sensolin, zuBROTH, zuRELIEF & zuACV
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This supplement stack is perfect for anyone who is serious about supporting the health and function of the immune system.

The supplements in the Ultimate Immunity Stack help support immune health by addressing immune function at its source. The immune system is a widespread system in the human body, meaning optimizing health requires a full spectrum of supplementation from circulatory support to protective amino acids, ACE inhibition to blood sugar stability.


To Preserve the Health of the Immune System, You Need...


Vitamin C + Garlic in High Doses

Vitamin C is one of the well-known immune system boosters, and it is selling out in stores rapidly right now. Vitamin C is most useful in prevention of viral or bacterial infections, not necessarily in curing them. Recommended dosage is 1-2g daily. Garlic has extensive research showing potent antibacterial & antimicrobial properties. Recommended dose is 300mg-600mg daily of garlic extract daily.


Protective Amino Acids

The perfect place to start on our hunt for natural compounds that can help us lower degenerative inflammation, is to examine inflammatory cytokines, namely what compounds are involved in their reaction process. It turns out that the inflammatory cytokine reaction increases in prevalence with glycine deficiencies. This makes a lot of sense because glycine has an inhibitory action, and via glycine-gated chloride channels in immune cells, can temper many inflammatory cytokines, including IL-6.


Blood Sugar Stability

David Sinclair, PhD from Harvard University, emphasizes how viral infections are highly correlated with elevated blood sugar and A1C levels, which is why diabetics are considered to be one of the high-risk groups for infection.

REDWOOD: Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support
REDWOOD: Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support


Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support

The naturally-sourced formula in Redwood supports blood flow for healthy, smooth circulation, strong immune health, optimal blood pressure and bedroom performance. On top of all that, experience more stamina & energy all day long.†


Boost blood flow & circulation naturally with Redwood, leading to better bedroom performance, healthy blood pressure, & warmer extremities. †


Fortify your immune system with well-known immune-boosting ingredients Vitamin C and Garlic, as well as patented ACE2 inhibitor.†


Better circulation leads to more stamina & endurance as well as improved mood & well-being. You'll be able to go faster, longer.†

SENSOLIN: Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplement
SENSOLIN: Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplement


Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplement

Sensolin is all about helping you control your blood sugar naturally, lower A1C, and reduce appetite and cravings.† The naturally-sourced vitamins and minerals found in Sensolin have also been shown in research to help users lose excess weight and reduce the mid-day blood sugar "crashes" that many of us dread on a daily basis. †


The ingredients in Sensolin are shown to boost metabolic health and function.†


Experience a smoother digestion process when you take Sensolin with meals daily.†


With higher INS sensitivity comes easier weight loss. Drop fat and keep it off with Sensolin.†

zuBROTH: Total Bone Broth Protein
zuBROTH: Total Bone Broth Protein


Total Bone Broth Protein

zuBroth Total Bone Broth supports your skin’s elasticity and glow, helps your circulatory system, supports your gut, enhances muscle growth and recovery and supports healthy cartilage. Each type of collagen fiber, the minerals, amino acids, and gelatin in zuBroth Total Bone Broth are highly absorbable and rapidly used by the body.†

Bovine Collagen

zuBROTH is sourced from grass-fed bovine of the highest possible quality

Support Skin Elasticity

The collagen in zuBROTH will help your skin look and feel great.

Joint Support

Collagen also supports healthy joints, ligaments, and muscles.

zuRelief: Reduce Pain & Support Joints
zuRelief: Reduce Pain & Support Joints


Reduce Pain & Support Joints

zuRELIEF is a natural supplement containing the exact clinically-proven dosages of 6 potent natural compounds that get results FAST. Taking zuRELIEF daily helps to maintain flexibility, mobility, gut health and immune function, as well as reduce stress reactions.†


By supporting tissue flexibility with zuRELIEF, free your joints and muscles to move more freely.†


Lower the cytokine response in your body, maintaining a healthy immune system.†


Take zuRELIEF daily and improve comfort levels with a natural alternative.†

zuACV + Prebiotics: Digestion, Immunity & Weight Loss
zuACV + Prebiotics: Digestion, Immunity & Weight Loss

zuACV + Prebiotics

Digestion, Immunity & Weight Loss

zuACV+Prebiotics feeds your healthy bacteria with essential prebiotic fibers and apple cider vinegar to help your “good bacteria” thrive in your gut while maintaining optimal gut health safely and naturally.† As a result, Apple Cider Vinegar has been shown to support weight loss, reduced bloating and a strong immune system. †


Apple Cider Vinegar has been shown in research to blunt appetite and lead to weight loss.†


Apple Cider Vinegar boosts gut health, a key component of the immune system.†


ACV increases the acidity of your stomach and improves pepsin production, aiding in digestion.†

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Jayson T.
United States
No more blood pressure meds

With my doctor's approval, I have been able to get off my blood pressure medication that I have been taking for 20+ years. I'm working out regularly and feeling really good for the first time since the military.

Shamarr T.
United States

I love this product I will continue to take it the results are I credible I’d love to distribute this at my gym

UMZU Ultimate Immunity Stack: Redwood, Sensolin, zuBROTH, zuRELIEF & zuACV Review
Oscar A.
laguna niguel
great product but a little too expensive

I love your product, I' m diabetic and it has helped out a lot. It has helped me lower my glucose levels. On the other hand, I think the product is bit too expensive for a months use. I'd pay $30-$35, that's just my opinion. I use other products like Moringa powder and hebal teas that also help me lower my glucose levels a long with exercise and is no where near $50. I tried it out but I think its a bit expensive.

Cochise P.
United States
My Review of Redwood

I am 65 years old. I am a health fanatic to put it lightly. Anything to give me an extra level of blood flow health would be welcome. That said, I decided to give Redwood a try. After only 10 days of taking the product as instructed (3 pills twice daily), I knew, then, I had found what I had been looking for. I decided to go on a monthly auto-ship. This product delivers! I awake with erections every morning and wake up at night with an ********. Because of the new level of blood flow through my body, I now experience new levels of instense ****** explosions. I am looking forward to seeing my doctor for my blood pressure results, too. Thank you Redwood for your wonderful natural and healthy product that gives me back my so much needed ****** confidence!

UMZU Ultimate Immunity Stack: Redwood, Sensolin, zuBROTH, zuRELIEF & zuACV Review
Phil D.
United States
Stacking Redwood with Testro RX

Excellent. I’m 51 and I’ve been working out consistently for a long time. I recently started stacking Redwood with Testro RX and it feels like it’s taking my fitness level to a whole new level. My muscles feel more full along with leaner body composition. Great products!

Carlos R.
United States
Feel good taking this product.

Feel good taking this product. If I ordered the testro-x would I still be able to take the redwood? And if I can what would be the best way to take them?


Hi Carlos, yes you can take both Redwood and Testro-X together. In fact, thousands of our male customers are currently doing that with great results since you're optimizing both your hormones & blood flow at the same time. The double whammy. For taking them, I recommend taking the first dose of Redwood in the morning, then the Testro-X after dinner with the second dose of Redwood. - Chris

Chezzarae B.
United States
I was experiencing 222/119 blood

I was experiencing 222/119 blood pressure and your supplements mixed with my regular meds are doing the trick Thank you Mr. Chezzarae Blunt

UMZU Ultimate Immunity Stack: Redwood, Sensolin, zuBROTH, zuRELIEF & zuACV Review
John C.
United States United States

My intimate performance has vastly improved due to improved blood circulation. I am more calm and relaxed mentally.

Kevin D.
United States United States
Redwood Improves My Qi!

I've been taking Redwood Nitric Oxide Booster for over two months now. Approximately two weeks into the product I noticed an improved sense of wellness and my breathing seemed more alive (if that makes any sense). At any rate, I love that the product is free of fillers and cheap ingredients found with so many so called natural supplements. Give it a try! I think you'll become a quick fan like myself. Blessings, Kevin

Thomas B.
United States United States

It has been good. I feel like my BP is slightly better and an improvement in perfomance in the bedroom. I'm 62, no meds, enjoying a healthy relationship with my wife 2 to 3 times a week. Occasionally multiple times in 24hrs. What's to complain about??? Thank you.

John S.
United States United States
Blood flow booster

I had been using superbeets and similar products to increase energy and blood flow. I tried Redwood and noticed more blood flow the first day. I am a 59 year old man and morning wood is back.

Craig C.
United States United States
This product works!

I did two things in the beginning. I asked God to help me get my health under control and I started taking Sensolin. That was about 6 months ago and I am very pleased. It took about 6 weeks before I started feeling the effect. My mind became more clear, my energy level started to increase I stopped snacking, I stopped craving heavy meals and junk food. I eat a fraction of what I used to and I don't miss it at all. I even enjoy salads now. My A1C is down, I've lost 35 pounds and I feel great!

Jeffrey J.
United States United States
Finally relief!!!!!

Has greatly reduced the numbness and tingling in my feet associated with a recent heart attack. I'll even tell my doctor about it!

A UMZU Customer
Tori G.
United States United States
Worth It

I think thia product has helped and it's worth trying if you're concerned about joint health.

Kenneth P.
United States United States

Well i tell this one thing i get a stiff one three time aday really thinks its working very well just started on second bottle of Redwood so its working fine feeling fine little more energy too

Eric C.
United States
Coming up big

It's been great using both Testro X along with Redwood original!! I've had better sleep and even better work outs at my age of 50yrs!! Thanks guys

UMZU Ultimate Immunity Stack: Redwood, Sensolin, zuBROTH, zuRELIEF & zuACV Review
Diane T.
United States
Sensolin has made a difference

My experience with Sensolin has been a very positive reaction. My sugar levels has been under 150 as before taking with my prescribed medicine was hoovering 200 and above. My a1c count has dropped from 899 to 740 in 2 months. Very satisfied

UMZU Ultimate Immunity Stack: Redwood, Sensolin, zuBROTH, zuRELIEF & zuACV Review
Jason D.
United States United States
Best Supplement I've EVER Had!!!

I researched this product at nauseum! Finally, I ordered a 3 month supply. I started taking the product and I know more natural energy,better mood,and my blood pressure when down to 104/74! I know results may vary, but if your on the fence about thinking of trying this product. In my opinion, please don't hesitate to try this amazing product! I'm not a believer and a user for life!

UMZU Ultimate Immunity Stack: Redwood, Sensolin, zuBROTH, zuRELIEF & zuACV Review
peter c.
United States United States

i am much improved with warm fingers and toes compared to winters in the past ,thank you peter c.

James L.
United States
Work great really helps with

Work great really helps with my ed and blood flow to my hands and feet

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