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UMZU Bar: Blueberry Muffin (12 Bars)

$ 34.95

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“I’ve been working on these UMZU Bars for over a year now with the intention to create something nobody’s done before - the healthiest & most delicious organic protein bar ever made. And let me tell you, even I’m blown away at how great these taste! If you want all the taste of blueberry muffin with none of the unhealthy ingredients, you’ll love these bars.” UMZU CEO & Co-founder Christopher Walker

Everyone knows the feeling - biting into a freshly baked blueberry muffin. Whether you were at a local coffee shop or enjoying some family homestyle baking, few things can match the taste, aroma and texture. The fresh blueberries, the tender crumb and sparkling sugar crust. Yum!

Normally this would be a splurge on special occasions, but now you can enjoy this taste with no guilt.

Packing 15g of protein for just 180 calories, these bars are the perfect splurge when you're craving something sweet, homestyle and wholesome. Close your eyes and you'll feel like you're enjoying a warm blueberry muffin straight from the bakery, any time, anywhere. 

Thermo Approved. No nuts, no seeds, no soy, no PUFA, gluten free, organic ingredients.