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UMZUfit Fat Loss: 4-Month Nutrition & Training Program

$ 49.00

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“How to lose weight” is the #1 health and fitness-related search on the web today. Since the 1980’s the average weight of an American man has gone up 15 pounds. The average weight of an American woman has gone up 17 pounds. There’s a clear disconnect there. 

While the Internet becomes saturated with more and more information on weight loss and fat loss, the problem only gets worse.  

This begs the question… what is true when it comes to fat loss? Despite what many people think, fat loss comes down to only a few key science-backed principles. Fat Loss is simple.

We designed UMZUfit Fat Loss to result in achievable and sustainable fat loss. The fat loss you achieve in this program will be long-lasting and life-changing. 

With UMZUfit Fat Loss, you'll get over 200 lessons of content, including:

  • Science-Backed Fat Loss Education Crash Course
  • Nutrition Guide for Fat Loss
  • 21 Workout Routine Options - Weight Training, Bodyweight Training, Weighted Bodyweight Training, Hybrid Training and Hormonal Optimization Training 

UMZUfit Fat Loss is the definitive fat loss program built by experts, backed by science, and meant to give you the tools to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

UMZUfit Fat Loss is hosted on UMZUfit - an online fitness platform. Upon purchase of this program, you will receive login information for accessing your course, which will include video lessons, exercise tutorials, text lessons and a companion PDF download for the complete course.

Your Transformation Starts Here

A holistic approach to fat loss, powered by science and experience.

  • 20+ World-Class Workout Programs by UMZU Trainers
  • Tailored Nutrition Plans for Your Body and Goals
  • Learn How Your Body Works in Our Fat Loss Education Crash Course
  • Habit and Consistency Cultivation Plan to Increase Probability of Success

All knowledge, delivered...

All UMZUfit courses are in-depth, built from research, backed by science and meant to deliver you long-lasting results.

... from experts who've been there.

Most fat loss courses are written by men or women who have been fit their entire lives. Each one of our hand-picked coaches has been in your shoes and has put UMZUfit philosophy in practice to reach their goals.

Comprehensive Workout Routines for Every Training Style

Introducing a new kind of fitness experience. No more hopping from program to program. Get everything you would ever need to achieve your goals. No matter your training preference, you will have a path in UMZUfit Fat Loss, containing over 20 workout routines broken our by style.

Your Diet, Delivered.

Inside UMZUfit Fat Loss, you will run through a detailed section on nutrition, covering everything from moderate to aggressive fat loss, macronutrients, foods to eat, tactics, tricks and supplements to support your journey.

Your Knowledge, Acquired.

Our background at UMZU is in science and research. Our workout programs reflect this. We believe that in order to keep fat off for your entire life, you need to understand your body. The more you understand how fat loss works, the more you will be able to take these lessons forward with you for your entire life. Learn the answers to questions like, "What is fat?", "How does one lose fat?", "What is fat loss?" and more.

Your Habits, Cultivated.

Habits and consistency drive success. That's why we created The Jumpstart Week - a concept you won't find in any other fitness program. In the Jumpstart Week, you will spend 7 days cultivating the habits you'll need to succeed, before even stepping foot in the gym.

Learn from 4 World-Class Coaches

UMZUfit coaches are knowledgeable, uplifting and unique. Each coach brings their own set of skills and expertise to the table. They don't just make their own workouts, they weigh in on others - and even join in on each other's courses. UMZUfit is a never-before-seen level of collaboration in fitness.

Christopher Walker: Hormone & Strength Expert

Zachery Siegel: Fat Loss & Aesthetics Expert

Jayton Miller: Diet & Science Expert

Robert Walker: Bodyweight & Athleticism Expert

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get The Bodyweight Ladder for FREE with UMZUfit Fat Loss ($49 Value)

There’s more to fitness than how you look – The Bodyweight Ladder is dedicated to those of you who want to achieve great things in fitness. Build the strength, mobility and stability of a gymnast by working through progressions that will help you achieve movements you never thought possible. Perfect for any gender, age or level of experience!

Want more than just fat loss?

UMZUfit Fat Loss is just one of many programs offered inside of UMZUfit. By signing up for an UMZUfit Monthly Subscription, you'll get...

  • Access to all of our UMZUfit training programs, including UMZUfit Fat Loss, UMZUfit Recomposition, UMZUfit Muscle-Building, UMZUfit Aesthetics, THOR Training for Men, THOR Training for Women and The Bodyweight Ladder
  • Access to the Thermo Diet Program and ThermoCHEF Cookbook
  • Access to our Improvement Programs, including UMZUfit Recovery, and Master Your T
  • Access to our Optimizations Programs, including UMZUfit Blood Flow, UMZUfit Blood Sugar, UMZUfit Gut Health, UMZUfit Immunity, UMZUfit Liver Health, UMZUfit Morning Routine, UMZUfit Sleep Routine and UMZUfit Thyroid Health
  • Access to our UMZUfit Community, where you will be able to talk on the feed and in groups with like-minded UMZUfit subscribers.
  • Private access to our coaches. Message our coaches any time to get your questions answered by those who know best.
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