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UMZUfit Recomposition: 4-Month Nutrition & Training Program

$ 49.00

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Recomposition is a critical piece of the fitness journey that falls between fat loss and muscle-building. 

Recomposition is all about taking your body as it currently is and forming it in the best way possible without gaining or losing weight.

While you won’t be gaining or losing weight, you will be gaining muscle and losing fat. 

Recomposition is also about firing up your metabolism and rejuvenating your internal processes. 

We designed UMZUfit Recomposition to result in achievable and sustainable body composition improvements. The healing and optimization you achieve in this program will be long-lasting and life-changing.

With UMZUfit Recomposition, you'll get over 150 pages of content, including:

  • Science-Backed Recomposition Education Crash Course
  • Nutrition Guide for Recomposition
  • 18 Workout Routine Options - Weight Training, Bodyweight Training, Weighted Bodyweight Training, Hybrid Training and Hormonal Optimization Training 

UMZUfit Recomposition is the definitive recomposition program built by experts, backed by science, and meant to give you the tools to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.