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Christopher Walker’s Daily Supplements | What Does He Take?

Christopher Walker’s Daily Supplements | What Does He Take?


  • Testro-X
  • Redwood
  • Sleep
  • Floracil50 Probiotic
  • zuCollagen and Total Bone Broth
  • Cortigon
  • If you’re asking: “What are Christopher Walker’s daily supplements?” Then here’s your answer…

    I get this question all the time on social media & over email… 

    “Chris, what supplement stack are you currently using daily?”

    As the founder of a supplement company, you can bet I LOVE using supplements every day. I’m kind of obsessed (in a good way). So I’m always experimenting with new ingredients and different stacks.  I always feel exceptionally good when I make sure to take my UMZU supps throughout the day, consistently week after week, month after month.

    So I wanted to share my answer to this question, to sate your curiosity appetite.

    This current stack of UMZU formulas I’m using is helping me to: 

    • ⚡ Have more energy throughout the day, even with lots of work to do
    • Sleep through the night, every night (and wake up feeling refreshed)
    • Hit my workouts hard & recover quickly
    • ⚖️ Keep my hormones balanced & my gut healthy
    • 🧘‍♂️ Keep me focused and low-stress
    • Keep my skin and hair healthy (seriously, my hair grows way too fast… I need to increase my haircut budget)

    Here Are Christopher Walker’s Daily Supplements

    Here’s the stack (this is good for both men and women) – don’t feel any pressure to use ALL of these at once, I realize it might seem like a lot for some people. Unless you’re a supplement nerd like me – pick the ones that sound most appealing to you: 

    Testro-X: Yes, both men and women can use Testro-X. The main function of this supplement formula is to balance your hormones naturally. In men, the ingredients will increase testosterone production naturally. In women, they will increase progesterone levels, which leads to healthier hair, skin, libido, and hormonal balance.

    Redwood: Our most popular supplement at the moment (and for good reason), Redwood is incredible for improving blood flow. This helps with all kinds of things, from getting rid of cold hands & feet to improving your pump in the gym, to boosting your bedroom performance. An all-around “staple” supplement in my daily regimen. (I also rarely get sick because of the high amount of Vitamin C and Garlic in Redwood)

    Sleep: I take two scoops of this every night 30 minutes before bed. Not only does it help you fall asleep (and stay asleep) but the clinically-proven dosage of glycine in Sleep helps detox your liver while also acting as a powerful anti-stress amino acid, aiding your thyroid in improving your metabolism while keeping cortisol low. The best part is, you wake up feeling refreshed, not groggy (because we don’t use melatonin, which gives you a “hangover”).

    Floracil50 Probiotic: Everyone needs a powerful, effective probiotic with the right strains in their daily regimen. The fact is, our modern food supply is woefully void of the probiotic bacteria our guts need, so taking a daily probiotic is essential. A healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy body. I highly recommend you try Floracil50 – it has been life-changing for many UMZU customers (check out the reviews) and is a true staple in my rotating supplement regimen.

    zuCollagen and Total Bone Broth: Every single day, I take 1-2 servings of one, or both. Total Collagen in my smoothies, Total Bone Broth to break my fast mid-day or to use as a spice addition to my meals in the evening. One of my favorite simple recipes is to make Bone Broth Rice, by boiling Basmati rice (lowest in arsenic) in hot water with a scoop of Total Bone Broth. So delicious. These two supplements are my “hair growth secret weapons.”

    Cortigon: Do you feel stressed out, anxious, or even depressed sometimes? Need help staying focused and able to quickly remember important details? Cortigon is perfect for you. I take 2-3 capsules every day (yes, I know the recommended dosage is 1 capsule, but it’s perfectly safe to take more – though you don’t need to). Cortigon keeps me feeling calm, low-stress, and focused all day (I take mine with coffee in the morning). 

    Hopefully, this is a helpful guide with some insight into my current favorite stack and how it can help your body perform for you. 

    Cheers to your health, 

    Christopher Walker 🦉

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