About UMZU

At UMZU we look at health from a holistic perspective and believe that you can solve your health problems naturally.
Our Story

You Deserve to Thrive

Years ago a young neuroscience student, Christopher Walker, was diagnosed with a tumor on his pituitary gland. Using all of the research tools available to him he started UMZU to provide natural FIXES to your health problems, not just bandaids.

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We Support You

Here at UMZU we promise to provide you with only research-backed supplements, a culture of transparency and our "Be Better" Guarantee.

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Meet the Team

The UMZU Family

From Operations, Marketing, Advertising, and Design to the Warehouse and Customer Care, Team UMZU is all about helping our customers live a thriving life of abundance and health!

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Francis the Owl

Backed by Science

Meet our mascot, Francis the Owl! Sir Francis Bacon’s devotion to the advancement of learning, to the pursuit of truth through scientific exploration of nature, has inspired us to mold our owl in his namesake.

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