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Choline: Nervous System Health

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Choline is a natural supplement that supports liver function, healthy brain development, nervous system function, and metabolism.

From reversing liver damage to preventing fatty liver buildup from both excessive PUFA intake and alcohol.

Choline is an effective supplement shown to help increase performance by fueling the nervous system with more acetylcholine. It is shown to help increase focus and allow for greater cognition. Choline is also an excellent methylator of estrogen, getting rid of excess estrogen we accumulate from our diet and lifestyle.

For adults only. Consult physician if pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

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Adrian C.
United States United States
Feeling More Calm

I know it takes a while for Nutrients to get into your system to work. However already, as a disabled Veteran with issues ,I have been experiencing a change in my mood ,concentration and memory.,in taking Choline! I'm taking other products from UMZU ,Redwood ,Testro x, Zurelief and am waiting for my Cortigon to arrive. I'm experiencing an all around change in many ways!! Thanks for helping people whom you have no idea ,are suffering in many ways physically, mentally and emotionally, STAY IN THE GOOD FIGHT!!

Brandon Q.
United States United States
Love It

Choline is very helpful with estrogen methylation and keeps me focus/retain information as well during the day

Daniel P.
United States United States
I love this so much

I have been extremely satisfied with the way choline has helped with my overall mood and the fact that it’s also affordable is even better !

Daniel M.
United States United States

This product is the absolute best. If you don’t already know, it’s Vitamin J. And I am positive that even with my healthy diet there was a deficiency, until now. To discover this though was actually during a tough time. You see, I’m taking a full stack of umzu products. And they have had me feeling great, 100%, energy, focus, pain free and better sleep. Then I ran out of Choline, it was my FIRST bottle. And the difference since then is on another level. I can’t wait for my next bottle to arrive. Going back to my usual “slower” brain was rough the first couple days without and although I don’t feel as bad now, I can’t wait for that mental clarity to come back. Fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow.

Aaron P.
United States
Great, it helped me focus

Great, it helped me focus in school

Cathy L.
United States United States
Love this stuff!!

I love your vitamins, they work!!

Angelica M.
United States United States
Choline is a gread product. Thank you

I have had one pill 3x daily with food for a month. Just received my second bottle. I will stop here and try a new thing. I think it is a good product.

Mathieu F.
United States United States
Satisfied with all the products

I just want to say that, I’ve been feeling great from day one. These products are natural. And makes me feel great . And I did recommend them to some friend at work and they are very satisfied. With what they brought and how they use them.

UMZU Choline: Nervous System Health Review
Yusuf C.
United States United States
**** 2 Birds with 1 Stone

Choline is for me is definitely a must for the brain and gut for increasing Testosterone. Makes perfect sense since they are connected. I combine choline either with Cortigon or Miracle Morning. You can’t go wrong with any combination, because I am alert, focused, and concentrated throughout the day. I also don’t have to worry about my T levels because it helped me decrease unnecessary belly fat, which means bye-bye excess estrogen.

Crevenne C.
United States United States
Morning quick start

I take this every morning with my daily regimen; it fuels my brain, clears the fog and ramps my mental process up! love it!

Zachary A.
United States United States
consistency is key

if you continue to take the product as directed it does begin to work very well. titrate up on the supplement and then remain consistent for best results.

Maykol J.
United States

I feel a bit more calmer and can react faster.

Terri H.
United States

Just been using this product for a week, so still waiting to see regulation of sugar

Austin B.
United States United States
Better focus

Ever since taking this product, I’ve been able to focus more with my job and any other daily projects I need to get done

United States United States
Good stuff, works efficiently

I bought this when it first came out and now I am not surprised it's sold out. Thank you UMZU. I will buy more very soon, and will recommend to friends and family. It's also great to take with Testro-X and Cortigon. Makes your brain more aware, can play video games better, quicker reflexes or reactions, clear mind, Helped driving my ATV in the woods with concentration on the trails.

Anthony W.
United States United States

I received my1st bottle a moth ago and the 2nd is on its way. Feeling good, no side effects and no noticeable changes yet. I will keep using it for 6 months to see if i notice any changes. Enjoy, Anthony

David I.
United States United States

I just started taking Choline a month ago and the biggest change for me has been with my metabolism and when I get on the scale. In the first month of taking Choline, I am down 7 pounds!! Having to work on the computer all day at work can drain you, but I have noticed an increase in my focus since being on Choline.

Christopher G.
United States United States
Great stuff

Really keeps me focused throughout the day

Ramon L.
United States United States
Good Product


Alex B.
United States United States
Choline Review

Feeing great! Laser sharp focus no need for caffeine!! Love it!