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CORTIGON: Stress Relief & Focus Enhancement

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Cortigon is all about helping you naturally reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood and focus, and support healthy brain function.

Cortigon supports you with:

- Lowered Stress & Anxiety
- Natural Balancing of Hormones†
- Improved Mental Clarity, Focus, and Mood†
- Overall Improved Brain Function†
- Increased Energy & Memory Retention†

    Directions: Take 1 capsule, 1 time daily in the morning. If you're under a lot of stress, or need to focus intensely all day, take up to 3 capsules daily.

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    Daniel P.
    United States

    I Seriously Love This Stuff !

    This is the second month that I started taking it and I absolutely love it . Around the second week is when I started to notice a huge change in my mood . I felt as though nothing could phase me or stress me out . For example , I got pulled over by a freaking cop and he gave me a speeding ticket and I didn’t get jittery or nervous like I usually do (not saying a get pulled over often) but I was very calm and even shook his hand and said thank you RIGHT after he just gave me a ticket ! As far memory and focus , I felt like a freakin super computer when it came to getting stuff done . Thank you for this product ! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the second and third month on this product will affect my mood.

    Shawn D.


    Before taking cortigon I had very bad anxiety, to the point where it was affecting my day to day life and preventing me from even leaving the house at some points. After taking cortigon I noticed a massive difference after the first day of using it and by the third day my anxiety had pretty much disappeared. I have been taking cordigon for just over a month now and to my amazement, I am still noticing a continuing and consistent change in how I feel and my energy levels. Coupling the cortigon with the dopa mucuna has changed my life in more ways than I could put into words. I have dealt with anxiety, and depression for most of my life and until recently I can confidently say that after beginning my journey of hormonal balancing, I am cured of both forever! Thank you Chris and TruthNutra!

    Uwais F.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Yes.... Definitely, maybe!

    Yes I am definitely feeling more energetic, less stressed and more focused. Maybe it was the Cortigon supplement. Definitely, Chris Walker, his co-workers and his work has been a God-send. The first time I felt like Neo in 20 years was exactly a year ago when I became aware of Jordan Peterson. The second time was just over a month ago when I became aware of Chris Walker's hard and valuable work. Keep it up guys... to save masculinity and femininity, in my opinion, is to save the world.

    UMZU CORTIGON: Stress Relief & Focus Enhancement Review
    Mateusz D.
    United States

    Cortigon resluts

    I'm pretty sure this stuff works in the reason I say this is I'm able to remember things a lot more easier in my focus is there a lot more

    UMZU CORTIGON: Stress Relief & Focus Enhancement Review
    Adam H.
    United States United States

    My experience has been pretty

    My experience has been pretty good, I like the cortigon. I notice a difference in my moods and energy and my overall focus. I'll probably be ordering more

    William H.
    United States United States

    Best mood stabilizer ever

    Love this stuff. Keeps me on an even keel. This one I'll take for life

    Jacob M.
    United States


    Coriton is my favorite UMZU suppplement, I love taking it in the morning to down regulate my stress and really focus when I get to work. I also really love Cortigon when im going to attempt a PR at the gym. I feel combining Redwood, Cortigon and Kino Octane makes for an unreal workout!!!. Also I love the results from Cortigon so much that when my kids turn into teenagers they will definitely be giving it a shot!!!! UMZU 4 LIFE

    Justin C.
    United States


    Better than expected. Felt better within 2 weeks

    UMZU CORTIGON: Stress Relief & Focus Enhancement Review
    Scott F.
    United States United States

    Great Product

    Great product Very happy.

    Jon P.
    United States United States

    Stay consistent

    These products work! They come boxed & packed in bubble wrap. Just stay consistent and feel the difference in your body and mind. The “real deal”.

    Andrew G.
    United States United States


    Taking Cortigon in the mornings has improved my attention to detail, dealing with stressful situations and having better days overall. I highly recommend it along with Testro X.

    Devin C.
    United States United States

    Best stress relief on the market

    So much easier to breathe in the toughest situations with my work, incredible supplement in & outside of the stressful situations in general. Mental focus through the roof!

    Gina B.
    United States

    LOVE this stuff!

    I drive a lot for my job and I was noticing that every morning thanks to traffic, stressed out clients, and generally ****** drivers, I was starting my day with a giant wave of cortisol and was feeling anxious for hours. I started looking for something that would be a natural stress reliever and something that could help lower my cortisol levels to boost my existing weightloss efforts, and this did the trick! It's been several months now and I'm still recommending CORTIGON to all of my friends and family.

    Leticia J.
    United States


    For a couple of weeks taking the Cortigon I had headaches and un control blink on my right eye. I did continue for 30days and the heachaches and un control blink of my right eye is already gone. I did not feel yet a full result due to only thirty days that I take. But I want to continue hoping and praying that it will help me. Thank You team UMZU ! God Bless!

    Daniel S.

    Cortigon supplement

    Has helped improve mental clarity and memory! I prefered the old formula with DHA in it. I honestly felt better on it compared to the new formula lacking DHA!

    Nicole C.
    United States


    I have really enjoyed this product. I notice a big difference on how I am handling stress. I have also lost my 10 pounds being on it. I love it.

    Matthew L.
    United States

    Cortigon Works

    This is great if your focus tends to stray. I take it every morning before work and stay dialed in all day. Hard to find something that actually works. Highly recommended.

    Vickie O.
    United States

    Flatter stomach

    OMG!!! I have been using this product for almost three months now. My stomach is flatter and my stress is down... I love it!!!!

    Paige C.
    United States

    Effectiveness of Cortigon

    As with several of Truth Nutra 's products , Cortigon has changed my body's make up. Enabling me to lose 45 pounds, increasing my stamina, and improving my mental clarity. I'm thanking God today for Chris Walker and Truth Nutra products !

    Bryan B.
    United States


    This has helped me have a more focused , less reactive point of views