CORTIGON: All Natural Stress Relief & Cortisol Reducer


Our Cortigon formula has been updated! We have improved the formula massively to have better results in regards to lowering stress and improving mood. We have also switched Cortigon to glass bottles. Cortigon is an all-natural stress-fighting formula designed specifically to lower cortisol levels fast (you typically feel it working within 20 minutes).

Cortigon supports you with:

- Lowered Stress & Anxiety - Natural Balancing of Hormones† - Improved Mental Clarity, Focus, and Mood† - Overall Improved Brain Function† - Increased Energy & Memory Retention†

    Directions: For daily use, take 1-2 capsules per day. For heavier work use, take 2-3 capsules per day.

    1.) How do I take Cortigon?
    For daily use, take 1-2 capsules per day. For heavier work use, take 2-3 capsules per day.

    2.) Are there any negative side effects?
    There are no negative side effects when taking Cortigon. This is because we only use safe, natural, and research-backed ingredients at the clinically effective dosages, which we discuss more towards the bottom of this page.

    3.) Do I need to cycle Cortigon?
    No, the ingredients remain effective with regular use.

    4.) Can I take it along with any current medication I am taking?
    While each of our products here at UMZU are all-natural, we recommend speaking with your physician before starting.

    5.) How long will it take me to see results?
    The majority of people see improvement within 30 days of taking the product. However, we recommend taking it for 60 days before deciding the product is not for you.

    6.) How long do I need to take this product? What matters is that you are getting the nutrients in your system at the proper dosages. If you choose to get these nutrients through your diet, then you no longer need supplementation. If you choose to get these nutrients only through supplementation, we recommend you continue taking it.

    7.) What if I don't see any results, or the results I'm looking for? Is there any kind of guarantee or return policy?
    We spend a lot of time digging through all the extensive research, studies, and science in order to create the absolute BEST products imaginable - but more importantly, so they do what we say they will. That's why we assume all the risk and include with every purchase a no-hassle 60-day "it works or it's free" money-back guarantee. Simply put, if our products don't work for you, let us know and we'll refund every penny back to you, quickly and easily.

    8.) Can I buy this in stores? 
    UMZU products are available in select physician offices and health stores.  If you are interested in getting UMZU products locally, have your physician or store manager contact us at to set up a wholesale account.  

    9.) Where can I learn more about Cortisol?
    Check out our cortisol playlist on our youtube channel here!

    10.) Where Are Your Products Made?
    Our products are manufactured in a GMP certified facility with equipment that handles eggs, wheat, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans, crustacean shellfish and fish.

    We encourage you to browse through the studies linked below. These are a number of the actual studies on which we used to base our final Cortigon formulation.

    It can get pretty confusing reading the research though - that's why we do it for you, and use it to create world-class products that are safe and effective for you to take every day.

    To read all about the research and science behind Cortigon, click here

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    Samuel P.
    United States

    Good nutraceutical

    Less stress, more energy

    Jacob M.
    United States


    Coriton is my favorite UMZU suppplement, I love taking it in the morning to down regulate my stress and really focus when I get to work. I also really love Cortigon when im going to attempt a PR at the gym. I feel combining Redwood, Cortigon and Kino Octane makes for an unreal workout!!!. Also I love the results from Cortigon so much that when my kids turn into teenagers they will definitely be giving it a shot!!!! UMZU 4 LIFE

    Aszure J.
    United States

    Works well

    My mom really likes the Cortigon I ordered for her. She says it makes her feel more even and calm throughout the day.

    Christopher B.
    United States

    Love this stuff

    I feel ready and relaxed when something as stressful as writing a paper or public speaking. It is really a must have if you are stressed!!

    Jerry M.
    United States


    Great product I had some good results

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    Dramatically Lower Daily Stress Levels With This All-Natural “Brain Compound” That Works On The First Day

    Take Cortigon Every Morning To Slash Stress, Lower Anxiety, and Increase Focus Naturally

    What Exactly Is In Cortigon?

    CORTIGON includes five powerful, all natural compounds shown through studies to properly support brain function and healthy levels of stress, focus, and mental energy... Let's take a look at what they are: