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zuSleep: Relaxation & Deeper Sleep

73 reviews
$ 39.95

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"zuSLEEP is amazing to say the least. The first night I took this product, I not only slept great, but woke up feeling alert and clear minded. I forgot to take it on the sixth night and woke up the next morning with a foggy non rested mind." - Jim L. Verified Buyer

Use the natural ingredients in zuSleep to fall asleep fast, stay asleep longer, wake up feeling fresh, and never have a sleepless night again. zuSleep contains the exact clinical dosages of 6 potent all-natural compounds that help to instantly relax your body and place it into a natural state of rest. 

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    Patrick P.
    United States United States
    Good nights sleep.

    I drank TOTAL SLEEP before going to bed. I did not wait the 30 minutes as per the instructions. I don’t have trouble going to sleep. I trouble staying asleep. I find when I wake up at 2:00-3:00 in the morning to urinate, I have trouble going back to sleep. With TOTAL SLEEP, I still wake up to urinate, but feel groggy, meaning, I still feel sleepy and I do go back to sleep. There is no hang over feeling when I wake up. It has a nice lemony taste.

    Brian H.
    United States
    Great for my occasional sleep issues

    I wanted to try Total Sleep because, occasionally, if I don't work out or if I have a lot on my mind, I'll have trouble getting to sleep or wake up in the middle of the night and then toss and turn before falling to sleep again. Total Sleep works great for those occasions. The first time I used it, I used the recommended 1 scoop and slept great but had some trouble waking up in the morning. I now use half of a scoop and wake up feeling great. I recommend Total Sleep if you have any problems sleeping.

    Aaron H.
    United States
    Great product

    Great getting kickass sleep where before I could not shut off my brain!!! Love this product!

    Jarrod W.
    Yes, it does work...

    I received as bonus in addition to an order I placed a little over a month ago. Tracking via FitBit, I average between 6-7 hours. I definitely noticed a difference the first time I used Total Sleep. Went right to sleep. I thought I would experiment and change things up a bit and take a nap one day, tried it that night and low and behold, it worked also. Repeated again and yes, went right to sleep. After having about a month and using every couple of days, I have discovered that it does work. Bottom line, there has not been a night where I have taken and didn't fall asleep within 10-15 minutes. I will admit, I was skeptical at first, however now after using several times, I believe it does help with sleep. My advice, give it a try.

    SHAY A.
    Improve falling asleep and sleep quality.

    Total sleep helps me to fall asleep about an hour after drinking it. Tastes very good with warm water. First few nights got a very intense dreams, but after that my sleep quality improved . Total sleep helps me to get up easily and more refreshed then ever before. Highly recommend. Total sleep. . Totally worth it.

    Trafford H.
    United States
    Great Night sleep

    Total Sleep has been great. It has help me sleep even on those nights I am restless and stressed out

    A UMZU Customer
    Amazing Product!

    I finally know what its like to sleep through the night and not wake up drowsy. WOW.

    Richard B.
    United States United States
    Goood .!! ThNks..

    Goood .!! ThNks..

    UMZU zuSleep: Relaxation & Deeper Sleep Review
    Joseph J.
    Sleep like a baby

    Great product. Actually works. Even found i need less sleep as i am waking up before my alarm. Tastes great too

    United States United States
    It works!

    I've tried other non-melatonin sleep aids. Either they don't work or I can't tell if they are working. I was skeptical about this but I went ahead and bought it. Well I've tried this ~5 nights in a row and I get a good night sleep every night. If I wake up in the middle of the night I am able to quickly get back to sleep. I had my wife try it and she also said it worked. Usually herbs don't work on me, but this one does.

    Robbie .
    Excellent Product

    I was having sleep issues and this helped me fall asleep. Will be ordering more!

    A UMZU Customer
    Zachary C.
    United States United States
    I've used this before and love it but the customer service was AMAZING!!

    So I had a brain fart and didn't put my full delivery address down and I ended up reaching out and they were so quick to respond and fix the issue. I was very pleased and will definitely be continuing to use these products not just because of the quality but because of the customer service!

    A UMZU Customer
    Andrew H.
    United States
    Sleeping through the night/ REM Sleep

    On the second night of taking Total Sleep I began sleeping through the night for the first time in years. One week into taking Total Sleep I began REM sleep. I began dreaming vivid dreams in color. Combined with Redwood & Testro X I feel a powerful surge of energy.

    UMZU zuSleep: Relaxation & Deeper Sleep Review
    Jay F.
    United States United States
    Wonderful sleep

    Excellent.Great! Wonderful sleep

    James P.
    United States United States

    I’ve been using this for 2 1/2 years can’t live without it need deeper sleep it’s very restorative. Best sleep product on any market thank you UMZU And Christopher Walker. James Parker

    UMZU zuSleep: Relaxation & Deeper Sleep Review
    Stevie W.
    United States United States
    Good sleep

    Pretty good sleep with the zusleep. I only say pretty good because I've had insomnia for years. But this really helps.

    Matt H.
    United States
    Great for Deep Sleep

    Great to use when you need to get a good night of sleep. Magnesium glycinate is the best form for sleep and most companies use the cheaper form but not UMZU. High quality product

    Jim L.
    Love this product!

    Total Sleep is amazing to say the least. The first night I took this product, I not only slept great, but woke up feeling alert and clear minded. I've been taking it for a week now and will continue to use it so long as they keep making it. I forgot to take it on the sixth night and woke up the next morning with a foggy non rested mind. Please keep making Total Sleep.

    Kathryn E.
    United States United States
    Truly Amazing!

    I take it 30 minutes before I go to sleep. I live in Napili, Maui HI. Don’t have AC. Been brutally hot so far this Fall. I fall asleep around 25-30 minutes... despite being 80 degrees in my Bedroom sometimes hotter...usually listening to Audible I set the sleep timer for 15 minutes. The “shutters”are closed before the sleep timer shuts off. I wake up refreshed and ready to start my day! Thank you so much for creating zuSleep! Kathryn

    UMZU zuSleep: Relaxation & Deeper Sleep Review
    Jim H.
    United States United States

    It does what it says it does. I take this in warm water 30-40 minutes prior to going to bed. I also cut off all phone use at that time. I can feel my body relaxing, and getting sleepy. It makes sense that prepping for sleep will enhance that experience. Before I exercise I hydrate, take a pre work out supplement, and stretch, hence I have a much better workout. There is no grogginess in the morning, I wake refreshed and alert.