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Zuum Pre-Workout

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United States
Great effects, but not great taste

I love the way the octane works, but it doesn’t have a great taste. Only smells like watermelon, but doesn’t have watermelon taste. I just feel like I’m drinking a bunch of supplements mixed together

United States
Kino octane

Great lift but weird taste. Way over priced for only 21 servings. Probably best preworkout I’ve had though!

United States

Since I had been taking it my anxiety is through the roof, begining to cause physical illness, I had to stop taking it.

Derek M.
United States United States
Superhero Bundle

I have been a high caffeine pre-workout type for a while; so I was unsure how I would feel about the Octane in this bundle. The Octane is awesome. It's just the right amount of caffeine to have a great workout. I can take it during a evening workout and sleep good at night afterwards too. You also get a good pump on the Octane too. The Gains and Aminos in this stack have been great to give me that edge in my workout routine. Kinobody workouts, supplements, etc. are all top notch. I'm a big fan.

Zachary H.
Bad taste, expensive, moderate performance

Bad flavour which I understand is due to the no artificial sweeteners or sugars added. Tastes like ground up vitamin C. The poor (gross) taste I’d be okay with if the product gave me a good boost which it did not for me with one scoop. With two scoops I felt decent boost but too expensive to do that consistently since after shipping and stuff it ends up about $7 a take.

Justin C.
United States United States
Give me some of dat!

This is the best pre-workout for fasted training. I was plateauing on some of my lifts - So i took this! Blew my PR's away!

Thomas F.
United States
Best pre workout

I have tried many pre workouts and nothing comes close! This stuff is truly amazing!

Dave L.
Australia Australia

Tastes great, works great, is great.

Erik B.
United States United States

I had the best, most focused workout of my life after taking these supplement bundle.

Irwin V.
United States

Clean smooth energy!

Tyler F.
United States
I Double Scooped...

I took two scoops for the first time today after having Octane for 2 months (happy every time!) and I could NOT stop smiling (at first). I felt so good and could keep pushing through those final burning reps, and I even stayed for an extra 45-60 minutes just to expend the energy. Probably one of my best workouts ever, THANKS GREG, for KINOBODY and OCTANE!

Daniel R.
United States
Best pre workout ever

This pre workout is amazing no jitters just pure focus and power. It has a very clean feeling to it. This is definitely going to become my pre workout from now on. I look forward to more of products and the clothes you are developing. I love the warrior shredding program and I have honestly never felt better in my life. I am definitely making this my lifestyle from now on!!!

United States United States
Tastes amazing and WORKS!

Product is really incredible. Clean stable energy, ridiculous pumps, absolutely no crash. On my 5th bottle. Blue Raspberry is the best flavor, don't @ me bro.

Liam T.
United States United States
Best flavor yet

I’m already hooked on KinoOctane and love the smooth energy it gives me, but Strawberry Marg is easily my favorite flavor so far. Tastes like strawberry lemonade. Can’t wait to try the Blue Raz

United States United States
Not sure how to say this

The supplements work really great... but I've gotten some pretty bad diarrhea and deathly gas from them. Not sure why but I wish I could enjoy the benefits of the supplements without that...

United States
Clean Energy

I like the way octane works, it’s a subtle boost that allows me to keep training without the typical fatigue. My teenage son also takes a half scoop before his workouts and/or school for a boost. I like that it’s cleaner than coffee and flavor is good. I have grape and lemonade. My only complaint about Kino is to Greg the way he talks smack about women on his Instagram. I’m a mother to 2 teen boys who workout and I had them stop following kino. Talking about banging another guys girl and then thriving off the promo code was awful. Why not inspire to be kind, good men who respect women? Returning violence\hate for violence/hate multiplies violence/hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Silence is the best F-You. Call me a dork but I wish kino site was more “emotionally” inspirational than a macho show all the time, I like the intellectual posts best.

United States

A bit overpriced

Michelle M.
United States

We are staying in a rental home and for whatever reason our order was sent back. I’ve tried contacting customer service on multiple occasions about receiving a refund and not ONE response. So basically they’ve robbed us. I will NEVER purchase anything from this company again.

United States United States
Straw-Marg Octane

this was my second Octane and it was absolutely good for m workouts, no crash at all, and still can drink my green tea in the afternoon without thinking about the caffeine intake, thanks Grego

Joseph T.
United States United States
The edge to put you over the top

The Kinobody physique programs revolve around progressive overload and your ability to consistently continue adding weight to your key exercises. These supplements before a workout on top of proper nutrition ensure that you be making strengths gains on every single workout. They not only ensure but also accelerate your progress. 5 stars without a doubt